How Do I Choose the Best Empty Eyeshadow Palettes?

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When choosing empty eyeshadow palettes, consider your need for the palette, its construction, and the size of the eyeshadow palette itself. You will also want to pay attention to the mechanism by which the eyeshadow palette opens and closes. There are many different companies that sell empty eyeshadow palettes, but in some cases these palettes can be proprietary to a particular brand's eyeshadow. If you only use one brand of eyeshadow, you may not need to be concerned about matching an eyeshadow pan to palette, but if you use multiple brands, you may need to purchase more than one palette.

Many makeup users and artists appreciate empty eyeshadow palettes because they are frustrated with having to purchase eyeshadow kits that contain colors that they seldom or never use. Customizable palettes allow makeup users to only purchase those shades that they are actually going to use. In addition, it can be very convenient to carry only the colors that a person is actually wearing when going out for the evening.


Your first step in choosing empty eyeshadow palettes should be to learn which makeup lines actually sell empty eyeshadow palettes. Very often, these companies also sell pans of eyeshadow that fit into these pallets. You may find it easier at first to purchase only your empty eyeshadow palettes, as well as your eyeshadows, from the same company to ensure that they actually fit. There are some palettes that have a magnetic backing that allows for more secure storage of the eyeshadow pans.

Consider purchasing empty eyeshadow palettes in several different sizes. While a large container can be great for storing numerous eyeshadows, unless you are a professional makeup artist, you may find that type of pallet to be impractical for carrying around. Instead, you may wish to purchase some containers that can accommodate anywhere from two to four eyeshadows at a given time. You may also want to check to see if the palette has space for brushes or other applicators.

Of significant concern is how well the palette protects your eye shadows. Check to see how the cover is secured to the palette base. In some cases, the cover or the base may be magnetized, which can hold the cover shot while it is being transported. If you find that the cover does not close securely, you may wish to select a different palette or to use that palette for home storage rather than as a portable cosmetic case.


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