How do I Choose the Best Embossing Seal?

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Choosing the right embossing seal likely will depend on how you intend to use the seal. If you are going to use the embossing seal in a professional sense, consider the industry and how seals for that industry commonly look. Determine whether you want to use the seal on a desk or want a handheld version instead. Know that customization options can also be made available to you, too.

Common applications for an embossing seal include official documents, notary proof and certificates. Its main purpose is to authenticate whatever document it is used on. The embossing itself usually is circular, but it can include other shapes, such as a rectangle. The sizes of embossing seals can vary. They are likely to be customized to be able to fit your needs.

Some of the most common types of embossing seals are corporate, logo, professional, notary, monogram and photographer seals. Corporate seals are used for official business within companies, logo seals can bear the logo of companies, and professional seals are used in conjunction with organizations. Monogram seals bear the initials of the owner, photographer seals can be used to impress photographers' names on their work, and notary seals are used to notarize documents.


When shopping for an embossing seal, you are likely to come across two common types: desk and handheld. Selecting the appropriate embossing seal can be influenced by how often you intend to use your seal. A desk seals can be heavy and might be the best choice if you expect to use it frequently in a specific location. A handheld seal might be appropriate if you plan to use it less frequently or want to travel with the seal.

Customization of seals might be important to you. If you desire a seal that can truly reflect who you are and what you do, you might look into seals that can be customized. Manufacturers of seals often offer customization of a seal using logos or artwork. This can be accomplished for an additional charge. If you want to customize your seal, be sure to shop around and get several cost estimates before investing in a custom job.

Be aware that if you are attempting to purchase an official seal for a well-known organization, you might have to provide proof that the order is legitimate. In order to protect themselves, manufacturers can even contact the association or organization directly to verify that you are authorized to be in possession of the seal. If you are working in conjunction with an organization such as this, consider looking for a manufacturer that has experience creating seals for that organization.


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