How do I Choose the Best Embossed Folders?

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Embossed folders are often used by corporations and businesses to present themselves in a professional manner. When thinking about buying embossed folders, there are many considerations that will lead you to the best embossed folder for your needs. The major concerns for folders are the emboss size and the available shapes, whether printing can be done on the folder, the folder color and emboss color, the folder’s finish and stock, and the sizing and features of the folder.

Emboss size refers to how large the embossed shape can be. Some companies allow most of the folder’s cover to be embossed, while others have a smaller emboss area. Figure out how large you want your logo or image to be, and find out if the company can accommodate that emboss sizing.

The emboss shape is the logo placed on the embossed folders. Most companies that offer embossed folders allow customers to use custom shapes, such as their corporate seal. There are a few that only allow customers to use stock shapes provided by the embossed folder company. Those with only stock shapes tend to be cheaper, but this limits what you can place on the folder.

Printing on the folder may or may not be applicable. If you are looking for a plain folder with an embossed shape, then you will not need printing. If you want the embossed folders to have images or non-embossed wording, then look for a printing company that can do both embossing and printing.


The folder’s color and the emboss color are important because the colors will represent your company. Most companies offer several folder colors. The emboss color can either be the color of the folder or, if you are looking for some contrast, a gold or silver foil emboss can be added. Extra colors cost extra money but give the folder more depth.

Finishing and stock refer to the quality of the paper used for the folder, and whether the folder is glossy or matte. Glossy is more common, but matte is a viable option used by many companies. The folder stock will determine how thick the folder is and, therefore, its durability.

Sizing and features are the final considerations. The typical folder is slightly larger than a standard letter-size sheet of paper, though other sizes are available. The features include such things as the number of pockets, whether there is a slot for business cards, or if there is a special die cut design for the inside pockets.


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