How do I Choose the Best Embezzlement Lawyer?

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If a person is accused of embezzlement, the individual should attempt to get the best embezzlement lawyer possible. A qualified embezzlement lawyer should have the appropriate experience, should be willing to provide referrals, and should be free of discipline from the lawyer's state bar. In addition, the embezzlement lawyer should be compatible with the individual seeking help.

Embezzlement, which might be defined as illegally taking assets that have been put under one's care. An accountant who writes company checks and deposits those checks into his bank has committed embezzlement, for example. Embezzlement is a criminal offense.

The best embezzlement lawyer should not just be a criminal law generalist. The attorney should be an embezzlement specialist. This lawyer should have negotiating and courtroom experience dealing with this crime in the state in which the individual is being charged because state laws regarding embezzlement can vary. In addition, the embezzlement lawyer should be willing to provide a record of aquittals, convictions, and plea bargains, as well as length of prison terms. A qualified embezzlement attorney should have a not only aquittals, but a history of minimizing jail time for clients.


Attorneys hired for any purpose should have a good reputation and should be willing to provide referrals. Those interested in hiring an embezzlement lawyer can check with the appropriate state bar association to see if the lawyer has had any disciplinary charges filed against him. Not only do state bar associations administer the tests that are required for an attorney to practice in a given state, the state bar association handles complaints that have been filed against lawyers. The bar association may keep investigations confidential until the investigations result in charges, so it is important to check both referrals and the state bar.

Another key factor in hiring an embezzlement lawyer is compatibility. There should be a good chemistry between the attorney and the client. This does not mean that either party should bend over backward to get along. It does mean that the attorney and client should be able to establish a good working relationship where both parties feel comfortable disagreeing and questioning one another for the overall good of the case.


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