How do I Choose the Best Email Blast Service?

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It is important that you choose a legitimate email blast service company. To do this, speak with former clients and be certain that none of them have been reported for spam or any other unethical activities in relation to their email marketing campaign. This helps you verify that your potential customers are are those who have requested information. You may also compare companies based on price and the quality of the lists they provide.

There are two main types of email blast service providers. Some provide customers with email lists that are targeted to the type of consumer needed. This is where caution is needed, because the lists you purchase may not be worth the investment. People listed may have requested information years previously, or may have never expressed an interest at all. Make sure you get references to past customers to be sure there have been no complaints. You can also check with the Better Business Bureau.

You may choose an email blast service company that specializes only in compiling specific email lists for you through an online system and periodically sends newsletters, marketing emails, or sales letters to your list. The way you get your list may vary, but it will generally come through contact with potential customers by telephone or email. You can create emails ahead of time, and they will be sent at the appropriate intervals for each person.


Price is another factor to take into consideration when choosing an email blast service. Some companies may charge by the number of emails being sent, by the number of mailings per year, or both. You are likely able to customize the number of mailings you want based on your business and individual marketing efforts. Be sure to compare prices by speaking with various providers and discussing special rates, discounts, or promotions they may be having.

In some cases you may be able to pay by the mailing, meaning that instead of signing up for a set number of mailings per year, your can create you database of names and give instructions on when and to whom to send mail. For instance, you may set things up to send an email to recent members of your site and then send additional emails on a case by case basis.


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