How Do I Choose the Best Electronic Planner?

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Electronic planners are helpful handheld devices that aid in maintaining a schedule and reducing the chances of missing an important event or even accidentally scheduling more than one event in the same time frame. When choosing the best electronic planner, it is essential to make sure the device fits in well with your lifestyle and provides the level of support necessary to keep on top of all the events that go into a busy lifestyle. Before buying any electronic planner, you should consider the range of features offered, the ease of accessing and using those features, the size of the device, and even the cost for the initial purchase and the ongoing upkeep and maintenance.

One of the first considerations with an electronic planner is identifying the features required in order to keep the schedule organized. A good idea is to create one list of features that are absolutely necessary, and a second list of features that would be helpful but do not have to be included. By identifying and prioritizing the features, it is much easier to focus attention on planners that have everything required and possibly some other features that may be useful from time to time.


After identifying planners that meet the basic criteria in terms of features, move on to exploring how easily those features can be accessed and used. An electronic planner that has all the right features but requires several steps to accomplish one simple entry or activity may be somewhat frustrating. Focus attention on the planners that have what you need and want, but are also configured to make the entry and retrieval of data as simple as possible. In the long run, this will save a lot of time and frustration.

Another factor to consider is the size of the electronic planner that is ultimately chosen. Some of these planning devices are larger, but will fit nicely into a handbag, briefcase, or computer bag. For consumers who normally take any one of the three wherever they go, these larger designs may be a good option, especially if the keyboard on the device is a little larger and easier to use. For those who prefer the ability to slip the electronic planner into a coat or jeans pocket, opting for a unit that is relatively slim and lightweight may be a better option, even if it means dealing with a smaller keyboard.

As with most purchases, the cost of the electronic planner is also an important consideration. Balance the need to stay within budget with the necessity of obtaining a unit with all the key features required. Along with the purchase price, investigate other possible expenses later on, such as the cost of batteries or replacement of the charger that comes with the unit. The idea is to secure the right planner with the right features for the lowest purchase price possible, while also allowing for other costs that may arise down the road.


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