How Do I Choose the Best Electronic Games?

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When buying electronic games for a child, choose those that are age appropriate. For the best selection of electronic games, shop at a toy store or a specialty shop that sells novelty devices and gadgets. Hand-held games that take rechargeable batteries can save you money. Electronic games can be in the form of a single hand-held game, or a more expensive hand-held electronic gaming system that allows you to play many video game cartridges.

A gaming console will cost considerably more money than a simple device that plays one game. Additionally, you will probably buy many video game titles to play on the unit, and this can become expensive. The advantage to buying a system, however, is that it allows you to play many games in many genres. You can choose various puzzle games, action games, strategy games, and role-playing games for your system. Additionally, many hand-held video game systems include built-in cameras or data capabilities.

Electronic games can also be purchased for smartphones. These games are typically downloaded to the phone, and many of them are free. In most cases, the games will require the user to subscribe to a data package through the cell phone carrier.


Choosing games for a mobile device can be relatively simple. You can find various types of applications and games by category or genre. If you play games to pass the time, you'll probably do best with casual puzzle or action games. You can quit your game at any time, save your progress, and return later where you left off.

If you are a collector of vintage toys and games, you might consider tabletop arcade-style games. There are many vintage tabletop electronic games, with popular titles such as Pac-ManĀ® and Donkey KongĀ®. Keep in mind, that because these vintage games are collectible, they could be expensive. Finding them can be a challenge as well, although auction sites or flea markets often have older electronic games for sale. Before you buy a vintage electronic game, test it to be sure it is fully functional.

Online stores offer a good selection of electronic games for all ages. Hand-held electronic games for adults include various styles of solitaire. Depending upon your interests, electronic bingo or casino games are other popular games for adults.

For on-the-go fun, consider an electronic hand-held travel game. You should be able to find one that plays several games in one unit. Card games are popular for adults, while learning games are a good choice for children. Electronic board games are available in many titles, although some are not compact and are better suited for at-home play.


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