How Do I Choose the Best Electrolyte Supplements?

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Electrolyte supplements are used to help to replenish minerals in your body from exercise and fluid loss. Although electrolytes are present in certain foods, some people who are particularly deficient in these minerals need to take supplements. The best types of electrolyte supplements that you can choose depend on whether you prefer a tablet, a powder, or a prepared beverage. Some types also contain added vitamins that are intended to boost your immune system. Consider talking to your doctor beforehand in order to avoid the risk of drug interactions or health problems.

Minerals that have electrical charges are better known as electrolytes, and they are found in sweat, urine, and the bloodstream. Calcium, potassium, and sodium are the most commonly known electrolytes, but chlorine, magnesium, and phosphate also fall into this category. A balanced diet can help to ensure that you get enough of these minerals in your system to give you energy and to balance out your blood and muscles. You might need to take supplements if you do not have enough electrolytes in your body, or if you lose a great deal of body fluids.


Choosing the best electrolyte supplements partially depends on for what you need to use them. Some brands contain a mixture of minerals, while others contain the most common electrolytes: calcium, potassium, and sodium. Energy-boosting supplements are also available on the market, which contain a mixture of electrolytes, as well as vitamins B and C. Generally, if you need an energy boost after working out, you can use a supplement that contains a mixture of vitamins and minerals. If you are losing a particular mineral due to an underlying health condition or from dehydration, then you might require a supplement that contains primarily one mineral.

The types of electrolyte supplements that you choose also depend on what version you prefer: tablets, powders, or beverages. Prepared drinks are the easiest way to replenish electrolytes, and they are most commonly used as a temporary fix after exercising or from dehydration associated with vomiting and diarrhea. Powders and tablets are used on a regular basis to treat electrolyte deficits. Tablets are the easiest version to use, but you can add powder electrolyte supplements to water if you do not care for taking pills.

Although electrolytes are essential for various body functions, there is also a danger of having taking too many minerals. Overtime, this can cause problems with the muscles, blood, and kidneys. Unless you are being treated for a particular medical condition, you might consider using electrolyte beverages when needed, as opposed to taking a daily supplement.


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