How do I Choose the Best Electric Manicure Set?

Kasey James

If you're buying an electric manicure set for your own use, you'll want one that will make your nails look as good as if you went to a salon. Most sets have an electric tool that comes with different attachments, so you'll want to make sure that the one you choose has the bits and speeds that you need. You might need different tools if you have artificial nails as well. Some electric manicure sets are also easier to travel with than others.

A manicure done with artificial nails.
A manicure done with artificial nails.

The main tool that comes in an electric manicure set often has bits, similar to those used on a drill, that are for sanding and shaping the nail. The sets usually include an electric nail file and an electric nail buffer, and some of these tools also have different speeds. The changeable bits and speed setting allow the electric tool to work on natural or artificial nails.

Some electric manicure sets can also be used on the toenails.
Some electric manicure sets can also be used on the toenails.

If you have artificial nails, you will need a set that comes with bits specifically designed for these nails, since they are thicker than natural ones. You can shape the nail at home — you will just need the fill-in you normally use to make your artificial nails look like new.

An electric manicure set will sometimes come with standard manicure tools, too, like a cuticle pusher and hand-held trimmer. Some of the electric sets will come with tools that are made for toenails. With these sets, you can have a manicure and pedicure with the same equipment.

You may want to think about how your manicure set will be powered. Some sets have to be plugged into an outlet, others use standard batteries, and still others have rechargeable batteries and come with a charging station. These can be plugged in or may be operated wirelessly if they have a full charge. The benefit to a rechargeable set is that you will never have to buy batteries.

If you travel and want to bring your electric manicure set with you, be sure to get one with a travel case or a bag that can be packed neatly into a suitcase. Not all kits come with a bag, but you should be able to find a separate bag to keep the set clean.

You may want to consider the cost of the set as well. The cost depends on the brand name, the equipment, and how it is powered. The rechargeable sets tend to be more expensive, but there are many on the market with a reasonable price.

A metal cuticle pusher.
A metal cuticle pusher.

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