How Do I Choose the Best Electric Convection Oven?

Janis Adams

An electrical convection oven is a popular choice among many cooks due to the faster cooking times and more even baking it offers. Choosing a specific oven of this type will largely be dependent on what your cooking needs are, the space you have available, and your budget. There are all types of models of the electric convection oven, from the most basic to those loaded with numerous features. Determining what features will fit your cooking needs will help you best determine what brand and style of oven is right for you.

Combination microwave-convection ovens often have pre-calculated settings for certain foods, much like a regular microwave.
Combination microwave-convection ovens often have pre-calculated settings for certain foods, much like a regular microwave.

Knowing whether you want an electric convection oven that is either a built-in or countertop model will help you choose the best oven to suit you. A built-in oven is placed within the wall or cabinetry of the kitchen, while a countertop model is set on a flat surface in the kitchen, used, and then can be stored. Knowing the exact measurements of either the wall space or the countertop where you plan to place the oven is imperative, as you do not want to purchase a model which will not fit the specified dimensions.

Convection ovens are available in a wide range of models.
Convection ovens are available in a wide range of models.

Another option to consider is a freestanding electric range which not only offers the cook the convenience of an electric convection oven but also has a ceramic cook top. When considering this type of cooking device, it is important to check and see what the power wattage offered in a particular model is, as not all are equal. Being satisfied with the power your oven offers will ensure a happier baking or roasting experience.

A convenient feature which is a part of some models of the electric convection oven is a self-cleaning setting. This allows for hassle-free cleaning for the cook. Not all models offer this feature, so it is recommended you ensure the particular model you have chosen offers this prior to purchasing it.

As aesthetics are important to some, it is a good idea to check what finishes an electric convection oven is offered in before choosing one. There are a variety of finishes in nearly every model available. Some finishes include, but are not limited to, brushed silver, shiny black, or white. Choosing what will go best with your current appliances is often a popular approach.

These types of ovens come in a huge array of prices. Setting a price ceiling that will comfortably fit your budget will help you, and a salesperson if his or her help is enlisted, be more easily able to find a model that will offer you the features you want without breaking your bank account. If you are on a limited budget or are controlled by a limited amount of kitchen space, a countertop model can prove to be the best choice, as it frequently comes in at a lower price point than a wall unit or freestanding range.

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@heavanet- You are right, getting a warranty with any type of appliance is very important, especially on major, costly ones like an electric convection oven. However, not all warranties are the same or provide the best protection to the consumer.

Some stores offer short-term warranties with major purchases like appliances. Some may be as short as one year, while others are up to 3 years. However, problems with appliances frequently do not happen within this time frame. That is why consumers are urged to purchase extended warranties that may very well be worth the additional cost in the long run.

Some stores that sell appliances offer warranties with the purchase with the option to buy more protection to add to it. A good rule of thumb to follow when purchasing an appliance like an electric convection oven is to get a warranty of at least 5 years. Though it may cost up to $100 or more to add the extra protection, repairs are much more costly if they are not covered by an extended warranty.


When shopping for an electric convection oven, shouldn't you also consider the type of warranty that is being offered? What are some tips for getting the best warranty to protect your investment?

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