How do I Choose the Best Egg White Protein Powder?

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Several factors may influence the purchasing of egg white protein powder. First, the protein supplement should have an amino acid composition that allows the body to quickly and easily absorb the proteins. Secondly, egg protein powder should aid in weight loss and prevent the loss of muscle mass. It should also be easy to prepare and consume. The powder should be affordable, as well.

Egg white protein powder is a popular bodybuilding supplement because of its amino acid profile. Amino acids form the protein that feeds muscles and provides the body with energy. Those in egg white products should closely match the proteins that contribute to muscle building. If they are in incompatible with those that yield muscle growth, the benefits of the supplement will not be fully realized.

Consumers should expect the extra protein to help them lose weight and stave off muscle atrophy. The product should be low in calories, carbohydrates, and fat. One of the primary reasons that people prefer to use this powder rather than just eat eggs is the fact that the yolk in regular eggs contains cholesterol and fat, both of which contribute to weight and health issues. Egg whites are a great source of extra protein or supplement to a high protein diet because they contain 40 different types of protein. When separated from the yolk and processed into powdered form, they should contain fewer than 20 calories per serving.


Most people who buy protein supplements do so because of the convenience associated with using such products. A quality egg protein supplement should be easy to prepare and consume, and preparation and clean up times should be less than the amount of time required to cook eggs. Supplements should also be made so that the body can digest them relatively quickly and easily, will allow the body to absorb the amino acids that are crucial to muscle development. Also, the protein should provide the body with enough nourishment that it will not have to consume muscle mass as an alternative source of energy.

It's also important for consumers to consider the cost when choosing an egg-based protein powder. In order to see consistent results and benefits, the powder should be consumed daily as part of a balanced diet. If the supplement is too expensive, users may be hesitant to use it as often as they should.


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Post 5

I don't know about others but I make sure to steer clear of brands that make exaggerated claims about their protein powder. I only purchase from brands that have been around for at least four years.

Post 4

@turkay1-- No, not at all. Egg white protein powders are made from dried egg whites but they don't smell like it. They come in different flavors like chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. They are quite delicious!

Manufacturers do this on purpose because the reason that most people have protein powders is because they can't eat 30 egg whites everyday. The point is to make protein consumption easy and convenient.

I think you should give egg white protein powders a chance. Just make sure that you're getting a pure protein powder without other unnecessary additives.

Post 3

No, it actually tastes pretty good. I buy a brand at Whole Foods and mix it with coconut milk. It's filling and tastes good.

Post 2

I've tried soy protein and milk protein shakes before, but I've never tried egg protein shakes.

This might be a dumb question, but egg protein powder doesn't smell or taste like eggs right? Because I think that would really put me off.

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