How do I Choose the Best Ecommerce Providers?

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Knowing how to choose the best ecommerce providers is critical for anyone who wants to sell products or services online. There are essentially four key items you need to focus on: web hosting, shopping cart software, a merchant account, and payment gateway. Each plays an equally important role in getting your ecommerce venture off the ground.

Web hosting is a type of Internet service that allows you to create and manage the website that represents your business online. This website is where shoppers come to select their items, place orders, and make payments for whatever it is they want to purchase from you. Keep in mind that you will require an ecommerce hosting solution, opposed to a basic service geared towards personal users or general business. For most, this involves a shopping cart, marketing tools, and other features essential to ecommerce.


Shopping cart software is often viewed as the most important component of ecommerce. Without it, no sales can be made. Similar to its physical counterpart, a shopping cart program provides customers with a way to select, manage, and purchase the items they desire. In the early days of electronic commerce, online merchants contracted developers to build customized software for their storefronts. In modern times, ecommerce providers offer shopping carts that can be installed in simple plug-and-play fashion, making it easy to a get fully functioning store up and running. When evaluating your ecommerce software, focus on something that is simple for you to manage, and easy for your customers to use.

An online merchant account is required by anyone who wants to sell products or services over the Internet. Typically provided by a financial institution, such as a bank, this type of account allows you to accept credit card payments and verify that the card details are valid. Due to the fact that obtaining a merchant account from a bank can be difficult, you may want to keep yourself open to options such as PayPal&trade, as its requirements for approval are considerably less strict.

A payment gateway is also needed since it connects the buyer and the financial institution processing the payments. Its role is to make sure that credit card payments made by your customers are processed securely and deposited into your bank account in a timely manner. Payment gateways are provided by a number of third-party companies, and often come bundled with merchant accounts. When it comes to something as important as payment processing, it is strongly recommended that you only deal with certified ecommerce providers to ensure the utmost security and efficiency for your transactions.

Choosing the best ecommerce providers does not have to be a grueling undertaking. It is all about knowing what to look for, and determining your individual requirements. By taking note of this, you will find that it is much easier to choose the ecommerce solution that gives your business the best possible chance of succeeding.


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