How Do I Choose the Best Easter Desserts?

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Easter desserts may fall into one of several categories. For example, the desserts could be based on local traditions or customs, such as the Colomba Pasquale, or "Easter dove," in Italy. Such desserts may also simply have a springtime flare, as seen with carrot cake. Some Easter desserts also provide people with healthier alternatives when compared to desserts with large amounts of sugar or eggs. Occasionally, the desserts may be quite simple, such as a scoop of vanilla ice cream with a handful of jellybeans sprinkled over the top.

Amongst the most intricate Easter desserts are those that are based on local traditions. For example, in Poland, Russia, and the Ukraine, many people prepare a form of cake called babka for dessert on Easter. The cake is made with raisins, nuts, a dash of orange liquor, and a lemony glaze. In Italy, the Colomba Pasquale is quite popular. The dove-shaped cake is similar to other sweet cakes, except it includes ricotta cheese and candied oranges in the recipe.

In Greece, the Tsoureki Paschalino, or "Easter bread," is a common Easter dessert. This type of sweet bread has a symbolic red egg placed in its center. The red egg is representative to Greek Christians of the suffering, crucifixion, and resurrection of Jesus on Easter Sunday. The Greeks also prepare Koulourakia, a type of cookie, on Easter. Often, these cookies contain orange zest, orange juice, and brandy.


In England and the United States, many families enjoy hot cross buns on Easter Sunday for dessert. These sweet buns contain dried fruit, such as currants, and sweet icing in the shape of a cross. In addition, many families use cake molds to make cakes in the shape of lambs or bunnies. These cakes are typically intricately decorated with icing, candies, and other items.

Some Easter desserts give people the opportunity to celebrate springtime. For example, carrot cake can be decorated with carrot-shaped icing or candied bunnies. In addition, coconut can be dipped in chocolate and made into bird nests, which can be filled with marshmallow birds or even tiny jellybeans. Even simple things, such as chocolate bunnies, jelly beans, and cream-filled eggs can be used as an Easter dessert.

There are always ways to consume a few less calories when selecting the perfect Easter desserts. For example, sorbet contains far less sugar than many other choices. In addition, angel food cake is made with egg whites, saving calories and cholesterol. Many times, cakes and pies can be topped with fresh fruit, giving the Easter desserts a fresh and healthy twist.


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