How do I Choose the Best Earbuds with Volume Control?

Dan Cavallari

Earbuds have become the headphone of choice for most people who own mp3 players, and while the small, in-ear versions of headphones already provide comfort and convenience never before possible with conventional headphones, the addition of other features have made earbuds an even better choice. Earbuds with volume control are one such feature, and choosing the best pair of earbuds with volume control does not have to be a difficult or time-consuming process. Simply choose a pair with an easy-to-use volume adjustment that is sleek, easy to grab quickly, and attached to a high-quality earbud unit. Remember that sound quality is the most important aspect of the earbuds, so if they don't sound great at all volume levels, do not invest in them.

Earbuds with volume control may fit snugly with the ear canal to offer superior sound performance.
Earbuds with volume control may fit snugly with the ear canal to offer superior sound performance.

Most earbuds with volume control feature in-line volume adjusters; this means the volume adjustment is built into the wire that leads to the individual earbud wires. An in-line volume adjustment allows for convenient and quick volume adjustment, and it makes wrapping the earbuds for storage easy as well. Earbuds with volume control allow the user to adjust the volume of the mp3 player without having to manipulate the player's controls, so when choosing earbuds with volume control, it is important to choose a pair with a volume adjuster that is simple to use — simpler than the controls of the mp3 player. A simple plastic unit with a slider that moves in two directions is quite easy to use and store.

Earbud headphones and headphone jack.
Earbud headphones and headphone jack.

Like other earbuds, earbuds with volume control should fit snugly within the ear canal and should offer superior sound performance. Many earbuds feature noise-canceling earpieces, which means ambient noise is buffered and prevented from entering the ear. This means more sound from the mp3 device goes straight to the ear canal, and outside noises will not interfere with the sound produced from the player. Noise canceling is usually accomplished by fitting rubber inserts around the speaker of each earbud. Choose a set of earbuds that feature noise canceling earpieces, and make sure the earpieces fit snugly and comfortably in your ear. Many earbud sets come with replaceable rubber fittings to accommodate different size ear canals.

Choose earbuds with volume control that feature thicker wires throughout. A thicker wire means higher quality sound, as well as less potential for damage. The volume control unit should adjust volume silently; if distortion is heard when adjusting the volume, the unit may be defective. Above all, make sure the unit you choose is of high sound quality and superior comfort.

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