How Do I Choose the Best Drum Mat?

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Those who want to choose the best drum mat should look at how well these mats will support a drum kit, as well as how they will transport and use these accessory items. A drum mat generally serves to keep drum pieces in the same place during a high-energy set, but not all of these models offer the same integrity and functionality. Musicians often ask each other which kinds of materials and products to choose in order to outfit their various sizes of drum kits the right way.

One issue for a drum mat is the materials that it is made up of. More than a few musicians have recommended Turkish rugs or heavy carpet as attractive solutions to the problem of drum pieces moving during performance or practice. Other models of effective drum mats can have rubber bottom pieces or other materials that grip a floor surface well.


Weight and size are also issues for the musician. In general, many do not want the drum mat to be too heavy, which could hinder transporting it along with all of the pieces and accessories necessary to set up a drum set at a venue. In terms of size, the drum mat should fit the needs of the entire drum set. That means this single piece of matting should be sufficient to cover the bass drum, snare and hi hat as well as any other elements that might move during play, including the drummer chair, without compacting the play area for the drummer or pushing the drummer into an excessively small space.

Some of the best drum mat models come with pre-existing attachments for fastening them to the floor. Other models can be attached with gaffer tape, duct tape, or similar materials, but some of these items adhere better than others, so this is another important part of choosing the optimal drum mat for a specific musician’s carrying kit. Compatibility with a regular practice space can also be an issue.

In addition to all the questions of functionality and form, drum mats should also be visually appealing. Some musicians choose these products according to what looks good in a practice or performance space. For example, some drum mats are created with attractive imagery printed on the surface to match color schemes and overall design for a bands entire set area. This varies depending on how much the band relies on image and visuals as well as the logistics of setup for different kinds of performances or gigs. Some may even prefer a mat that specifically does not stand out or attract attention, so that listeners will focus more on the music than the performer and equipment.


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