How Do I Choose the Best Driver's Education Courses?

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Choose the best driver’s education courses by first making sure the courses you are considering are government-approved. Be sure that classes are taught by qualified and experienced professionals. Good driver’s education courses cover all aspects of driving on public roads, as well as offer practice examinations in preparation for the government exam needed to get a driver’s license.

Your local agency governing motor vehicle operations most likely offers a list of approved driver’s education classes. When selecting driver’s education courses, it is best to select from this list. Each program has been pre-approved by the government as being capable of helping you learn to drive and to offer the driver’s education certification you will need to eventually take an examination to receive your driver’s license. Asking friends and family members which approved course they took may help you choose a course, as well.

Some driver’s education courses are offered online. Such courses allow you to study at your own pace and can be very effective in helping you learn the rules of the road. Before enrolling in one of these courses, however, it is important to be sure it is approved by the government. If such a course has not already been recommended by your government’s motor vehicle agency, call or visit your local office and ask if the course you are considering is acceptable for learning driver’s education and taking the examination for your driver’s license.


The classes you choose to take should be taught by qualified instructors. Often, schools are required by law to publicly post the certification of their instructors so students are aware of their qualifications. If such is not required in the jurisdiction where you are taking driver’s education courses, you may simply ask for proof that a teacher has been certified to teach a driver’s education program.

In addition to needing driver’s education courses to learn the traffic laws where you live, a good course should also stress driver safety. Specific safe driving techniques should be discussed, as well as things like proper car maintenance and what to do when driving in certain weather conditions. Keep these things in mind when comparing driver’s education courses and narrow your list according to which ones most thoroughly cover driver safety topics. Choose the driver’s education courses that you feel will best prepare you for taking your licensing examination and help you become a confident, competent driver.


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