How Do I Choose the Best Dough Proofer?

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A dough proofer is a device that creates the optimum setting for dough to rise properly. Some factors that will aid you in you finding the best one for your needs are the number of loaves it will need to accommodate and the size of the kitchen area where it will be used. Another important factor is how much money you are willing to spend.

Dough proofers, which are used in the bread-making step of allowing the dough to rise before it is baked, come in a variety of sizes. They also normally hold more than one loaf of bread, because they are most often used in professional kitchens, bakeries and restaurants. When choosing a dough proofer, consider how many loaves you will want to be able to proof at one time. This will help in knowing which kitchen device will be best for you.

Employed for proofing pastry dough, rolls and bread, a dough proofer comes in two distinctly different versions. One type is mobile and can be moved from one spot in the kitchen to another. This model will often come with casters on its feet so it can be easily pushed from place to place. The other type is similar to a refrigerator in that when it is placed in its spot in the kitchen, it is not intended to be moved again without difficulty.


For easy access for the baker, there are units that are offered with a built-in oven. This type of proofer will most often be on top the oven, which allows for the dough to be easily transferred from the proofer to the oven. This feature is especially handy for bread and rolls that have been shaped before this last rising period. The oven in this type of proofer is created to accommodate the same number of loaves of dough as the proofer.

A dough proofer offers controlled temperatures and humidity, creating the perfect environment for the dough to rise. For the baker, the environment will prove to be largely less than perfect if all the loaves that he or she wants to bake will not fit into the machine. The manufacturer's description will specify how many loaves and half-loaves of dough can be proofed at one time.

A handy feature that does not come with all dough proofer machines is a window. This allows the baker to check the dough without disturbing the temperature or humidity within the dough proofer. Having to open a door to check the progress of the dough could disturb the rising process.

Although it is a very helpful machine for the baker, this device can be quite expensive. Consider your budget before you attempt to purchase a dough proofer. Knowing your spending limit will help you determine which device is best and will help ensure that you will be satisfied with your purchase.


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