How Do I Choose the Best Dough Bowl?

D. Grey

Some of the features that may help you to choose the best dough bowl are size and shape, affordability, and whether the wood finish is well applied and visually appealing. Dough bowls can be bought new or used, and may be available as antiques. The size and shape of the bowl is important to consider, especially if you will be using the bowl for cooking and not simply as an ornamental piece, and size can vary from very large to quite small. As most dough bowls are made out of wood, the finish can be a deciding factor as well and should not be chipping or flaking.

The dough bowl should be deep enough to accommodate a standard batch of dough.
The dough bowl should be deep enough to accommodate a standard batch of dough.

Purchasing a newly made dough bowl is an option when seeking out the best bowl you can find. New dough bowls are often handmade rather than mass produced, and this can add to the rustic appeal of the piece. If you decide to seek out a used or antique dough bowl, look for one without any damage, dents, or scratches. Antiques can be more expensive but can make a nice addition to your kitchen or display pieces.

The depth of the bowl matters as well and should be sufficient to accommodate the average amount of dough you plan to mix in it. The bowl should be able to sit on a kitchen surface without tipping, to prevent any of the contents from accidentally spilling out. Even if the dough bowl is going to be used as an ornamental piece, such as a fruit holder or table centerpiece, you should still make sure that it is large enough to hold all of the items you might like to place within it. Many dough bowls are made with handles to make carrying them easier, and this might be a feature that you would find useful.

If you purchase a used or antique dough bowl, it may need to have a bit of restoration work done. If the bowl needs to be refinished, take care to use materials that are safe for the kind of wood the bowl is made out of and be sure to follow any safety guidelines. This is especially true for a dough bowl that will be used to store or prepare any kind of food product. If the finish show any signs of beginning to chip or flake, it is probably time to have the bowl refinished.

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