How do I Choose the Best Double Curtain Rod?

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To choose the best double curtain rod, select a style that supports the weight of the curtains with which it will be used and adequately matches the length of the window. Spacing between the two poles should accommodate two window dressing materials of any weight, including heavier brocades and linen. They should also be designed from a durable type of metal or wood because this type of curtain rod often supports one and a half to two times the weight of a traditional single support.

A double curtain rod allows two drapery poles to be attached to the wall using the same hardware. This double bracketed hardware holds both rods at an equal distance apart and can support two separate materials used in a window dressing. This type of design is commonly used to hang curtains of different weight together. For example, a heavy drape may be hung on the outer rod while a thin sheer hangs closest to the window. The drape may then be pulled aside during the daytime to allow light to pass through the thinner sheer.


There should be enough space between the two poles of a double curtain rod to allow both curtained materials to pass through easily. Consumers may find it helpful to examine the weight of their curtain material prior to purchasing this hardware. Thick drapes are often comprised of heavy brocade with a double layer of lining. This material quickly becomes bulky when drawn to one side or the other on a window. When two curtain rods are spaced too closely together, this bulk can become stuck between the two poles, thus demanding a greater degree of spacing for heavy, lined drapes.

Thick, slightly heavy poles are often the best choice for a double curtain rod that will hang above a long window. Windows that measure greater than 84 inches (213 cm) in length require a double bar that is supported by one or two additional hardware brackets. These areas often use between two and four curtain panels to cover all available space tastefully. Thin poles typically become bowed over time between the brackets beneath the heavy weight of such curtains. Medium to heavy weight rods, often made from iron or solid wood, tend to run higher in price than thin rods, but are better able to support the extended length and additional weight that picture and bay window curtains need.


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