How Do I Choose the Best Double-Breasted Blazer?

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When shopping for the best double-breasted blazer, your main considerations will be price, fabric, and styling. The settings in which you plan to wear the blazer as well as your body type will also help to narrow down the selection. The items you plan to wear with the blazer can also influence your decision. By taking your body measurements and carefully checking the fit at key points, you'll avoid having to make a return or wearing an ill-fitting blazer. Examine any double-breasted blazer you're considering buying closely for workmanship and overall quality.

Most better-quality double-breasted blazers are made of 100% wool, which offers excellent durability and drape. Lower-priced models may have some synthetic fabric content. If your budget does not permit purchasing pure wool, look for a blazer with no more than 25% synthetic content. Traditional worsted-wool weaves offer a classic look that is never out of style. Novelty fabrics such as velvets and satins may have eye-appeal, but, over the long run, they do not offer the timeless styling and versatility of traditional fabrications.


Traditionally, most double-breasted blazers were based on naval officers' jackets and were offered in navy blue only. Today, you can purchase a double breasted blazer in a wide palette of shades. Sticking with darker, conservative colors, however, will give you a garment that's suitable for wear in a wide range of settings. Darker and neutral shades can also be easier to coordinate with other garments and accessories, such as ties, shirts, and trousers.

Generally speaking, the double-breasted blazer looks best on men who have longer torsos. Shorter men with stocky builds will find that a single-breasted blazer with notched lapel and two or three buttons will suit their body type better. Most double-breasted blazers have four to six buttons placed in two columns, one of which is usually just decorative. If you plan to shop online, take careful measurements of your chest, sleeve, and the length. Sleeves should end at the top of your palm and the blazer's rear hem should fall just below your buttocks.

A good-quality double-breasted blazer can be a costly purchase. Make sure the seller's exchange and return policy meet your needs. Inspect the garment closely to determine its quality. A well-made double-breasted blazer will have sleeves that are smoothly eased into the blazer body with no puckers or lumps. Linings should be neatly sewn in, buttons firmly attached, and the lapels should transition smoothly from the blazer body with a gentle roll.


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