How Do I Choose the Best Doorknobs?

Sheri Cyprus

To choose the best doorknobs, you should keep the overall style of your home in mind. For instance, brass keyed entrance doorknobs may suit a traditional style of house, while stainless steel versions would likely be better for a modern home. Most home improvement centers have displays of doorknobs to try out. Keep a list of the names of the brands you like so you can do more research on them on the Internet. Be sure to consider privacy, function and security rather than looks alone when choosing doorknobs.

Brass doorknobs may suit a traditional style of house.
Brass doorknobs may suit a traditional style of house.

A set with a plate and key system, as well as a deadbolt, is a popular type of entrance doorknob. Security is important for entry doors, so it's a good idea to do careful research and/or ask an expert's opinion when buying exterior doorknobs. Once you have the ideal security particulars, then you can choose the look that best suits your front door and overall house style.

Antique hinges can complement the appearance of antique doorknobs.
Antique hinges can complement the appearance of antique doorknobs.

Whether the doorknobs you're buying are for outside or inside, it's important that they're easy to operate for the people who will be using them. Whereas you don't usually want exterior doors to be easy for children to open for safety reasons, inside knobs in children's rooms should be simple for them to use. Choosing lever-style knobs can be a great idea since these styles are often easy for children as well as elderly people to use. Lever knobs, with their wing-like handles, also tend to make a great style statement.

Privacy doorknobs are often a good choice for bathrooms as well as adult and guest bedrooms, as they allow the door to be locked and unlocked from the inside only. Make sure you have instructions for and understand what to do to unlock a privacy doorknob in case of an emergency, such as if the door becomes locked without anyone inside the room. In most cases, a metal pin or nail inserted into a hole on the outer doorknob will release the locking mechanism.

If you want something different from the typical metal indoor knob styles in gold or silver tones, there are several possibilities. Ceramic or stained glass doorknobs range from quite rustic looking to very artistic and may work in country or modern decors depending on the style. Crystal or cut glass knobs are ideal for a romantic, Old World feeling or for rooms with antique furniture. Another way to add interest to interior doors is to consider doorknob shapes other than round, such as square or oval.

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