How do I Choose the Best Door Curtains?

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When it comes to choosing door curtains, there are usually three important things to consider that may help you narrow down your choices. First, decide if the purpose of the curtain is for privacy or merely a decorative addition. You should also decide if the door curtains should offer any type of insulation from outside elements. In addition, you will need to decide on the type of curtain you want for your door, as door curtains are usually grouped into two main types, with top rods only or with rods at the top and bottom of the curtain.

Most people prefer door curtains with rods at both the bottom and top of the door. The advantage of this type of installation is that when the door opens and closes, the curtain will stay in place. Door curtains secured only at the top tend to sway with door movement, and can sometimes be caught in the door when it closes. The disadvantages of having rods at both the top and bottom of the curtain are hardware cost and installation time. Two sets of hardware will need to be purchased for each door, and careful measurements will need to be taken to be sure the curtain is tightly and evenly installed.


If you want an insulated door covering, you should consider purchasing door curtains that are pre-insulated, or hang two rows of curtains. When choosing the double row method, the curtain that faces the interior of the room can be made of any type of fabric you choose. You will need to decide on a color and pattern that best complements the room. The backing curtain should be made of a type of fabric designed to offer insulation. Insulated curtains usually have a layer of foam that is bonded to the back of the fabric to help keep cold air from transferring through the glass and into the room.

Some door glass is thermal, which means it is already designed to keep outside air from transferring into the room. If your door glass is thermal, you could simply choose your curtains based on personal taste or privacy concerns. If you want sunlight to enter the room, you might want to choose sheer door curtains. These are usually made of lace or a fabric called voile, and are available in most any color, in both solids and prints. You should keep in mind that sheer door curtains will not offer much privacy, so if that is a concern, it would be better to use a curtain that is not transparent.


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