How Do I Choose the Best Dipping Sauce for Sausage?

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Sausages can make great appetizers and even main courses. Many people also enjoy adding dips and sauces to go with sausage, especially when serving guests. You can certainly use one of your favorite condiments as a dipping sauce for sausage, such as mustard, ketchup, honey mustard, or homemade dipping sauces. There are plenty of options available.

A little research can often go a long way in creating delicious treats. By learning which flavors work best together, you can get creative in your serving choices. Cookbooks, recipe sites, and food lovers’ sites, tend to offer a good deal of helpful information. Of course, the best test will be the taste test. Your personal tastes will play the biggest role in making a decision on which dipping sauce for sausage you should use.

Some people prefer sweet while others like tangy sauces. Some like mild while others enjoy hot sauces. A cheesy or creamy sauce for sausage might also be a good choice. Cream sauces and cheese sauces go well with sausages that are commonly used for breakfast. Much depends on personal preference as well as the type of sausage you are serving. If you are serving spicy sausage, you will probably want to complement it with a mild sauce.


In some instances, choosing a dipping sauce for sausage will be fairly simple, since certain types of sausages are commonly paired with other foods. Italian sausage can be served with marinara or a simple packaged tomato sauce. You can create your own sauces as well by mixing different condiments together, such as mixing grape jelly and plain mustard together for a simple sweet and sour sauce. Sweet and sour can be paired with mini smoked sausages or with Polish sausage.

There are several types of hot dog dip or dips for corn dogs that can also work as sausage dipping sauce, from green onion sauce to salsa con queso. Serving chili with a hot dog or sausage is always a good standby for a side sauce. You might want to serve several different choices of dipping sauce for sausage and let your guests or family members choose their favorites.

If you prefer a healthy dipping sauce for sausage, you can use yogurt in recipes that call for cream or sour cream. You can create your own yogurt sauces as well by way of experimentation. Add your favorite spices and some low-fat mayonnaise for a twist on ranch dip. Use low-fat cheese to make a sauce for summer sausage. Salsa, especially one that is filled with chunky vegetables or fruit, is another tasty option.


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