How Do I Choose the Best Dipping Sauce for Pretzels?

S. Gonzales

The best dipping sauce for pretzels will largely depend on your personal preference. Whether you're looking for one that can please a large crowd, satisfy a sweet tooth, or is made from non-traditional ingredients, you will likely find a suitable choice if you consider all of your options. Even those who are body-conscious can have healthy dipping sauce alternatives.

Cheese or barbecue sauce might be the best pretzel dipping sauce for a group.
Cheese or barbecue sauce might be the best pretzel dipping sauce for a group.

If you're interested in satisfying a crowd, you may want to choose one of the most popular sauces on the market. Two common types of dipping sauce for pretzels are ranch dressing and honey mustard, as they have ingredients that highly complement saltiness. Equally popular alternatives are cheese and barbeque, which are good choices if you plan to serve the snacks during a sporting event or another informal get-together where food is meant to be shared and enjoyed amongst several people.

Honey mustard, which is sweet, pairs nicely with the saltiness of pretzels.
Honey mustard, which is sweet, pairs nicely with the saltiness of pretzels.

While these baked treats are known for their salty dispositions, dipping sauce for pretzels don't have to be tart. Sweet sauces are popular alternatives to those that resemble condiments. It's not uncommon to see pretzels being topped with chocolate or icing, but these sweet additions have to be kept warm and malleable so as to make continuous dipping and spreading possible. These are appropriate choices if you'd like the flavors of both foods to contrast with each other.

A specialty dipping sauce for pretzels can be an option if you're tired of eating the same type of condiment. Those made with pumpkin or beer bases are good for holidays and can be an interesting finger food during parties or other events where you'd like to get people talking. If you're feeling adventurous, combinations of traditional sauces can be experimented with as well. For instance, the average honey mustard sauce can have bits of bacon or a layer of cheese added to it for a unique twist on a traditional flavor.

You can also opt for a healthy dipping sauce for pretzels if you're concerned about your body or have special dietary restrictions. Yogurt and honey can be eaten with pretzels for a low-calorie and potentially immune-system-boosting treat. These plain options can help you to regulate your digestive tract and control your weight. Websites devoted to vegan eating can provide you with recipes for sauces that are a little more complex while still retaining their homemade goodness. Vegan alternatives can be very good for the body, but they may also call for special ingredients that can only be found in a health food store.

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Personally, I love mustard on my pretzels. There is a great little pretzel company not too far from me that makes a spicy honey mustard sauce. It tastes exactly like it sounds, but the addition of a little honey makes it more interesting than your traditional mustard sauce.

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