How Do I Choose the Best Dip for Chicken Wings?

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The dip you choose for cooked chicken wings should complement the marinade and seasoning flavors you used on the poultry itself. While a spicy red dip made with hot sauce is a popular accompaniment to chicken wings, it's usually good to have at least one other kind available at a party or dinner, as not everyone enjoys the heat. Sweet or tangy sauce dips are some possible additions or alternatives. A creamy white dip for chicken wings that is cheesy in flavor can also be a great choice.

Blue or cheddar cheese flavored chicken wing dips are typically the best as the flavor tends to be deliciously sharp without overpowering the taste of the poultry and its flavored skin. Cream cheese can serve as the base of a blue cheese or cheddar dip. Cheese dips are usually great with all kinds of chicken wing marinades and seasonings except really sweet ones. If you're going to use quite a bit of honey in a marinade or glaze for the poultry, it's usually best to make or buy a sweet dip for chicken wings such as a good plum sauce. A sweet and sour dipping sauce can also be a tasty choice.


For a creamy, tangy chicken wing dip that can complement sweet poultry coatings as well as spicy ones, sour cream with some relish and seasonings added is an option to consider. Some cooks like to combine the sour cream with mayonnaise for a richer tasting dip for chicken wings. You could also use salad dressing right out of the bottle or jar and thicken it to the desired consistency for dipping chicken wings.

If you want to add vegetables such as celery or onions to a wing dipping sauce, the size of the pieces are important. Onions or garlic used in dips for chicken wings should be finely minced as they can be unpleasant to taste in chunks. Celery should be sliced very thin so that it adds a nice crunch to a dip for chicken wings. Thin celery slices or thinly sliced green onions can be especially good for white, creamy chicken wing dips to add both color and crunch appeal. When making a spicy red wing dip, it's a good idea to add hot sauce gradually to it so you can better control the result.


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Post 2

I love bleu cheese dip! I like it on wings, fried mushrooms, french fries, onion rings, fried dill pickles -- you name it. It seems to improve the flavor of nearly everything it's served with.

Some people really love ranch dip and it's good, but give me bleu cheese every time. A marinara dip is good for plain wings, or parmesan-crusted wings. It goes very well with the whole Italian theme, and you can use pour spaghetti sauce from a jar and serve it that way, or mix sauce with sour cream and serve it that way. Works pretty well. Dip is generally a very forgiving thing.

Post 1

It all depends on what you like. Bleu cheese dip is good with nearly any version of wings you want to serve. If the seasoning is at all spicy, a bleu cheese or other dairy-based dip is great because it dampens the heat down a little. Plus, the tang of the cheese or sour cream complements the richness of the wings.

I've been to parties where a spicy remoulade dip was served, but the wings themselves were usually lightly seasoned so they wouldn't compete with the remoulade. You don't need spicy on spicy or heavy on heavy. Much better to try complementary flavors and richness levels.

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