How do I Choose the Best Dietary Cleanse?

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Choosing the right dietary cleanse diet for your body depends upon a number of different factors. Before beginning any cleansing diet, it is a wise idea to speak with your medical doctor. After speaking with your medical doctor, the best way to find the right cleansing diet is to consider your personal goals.

While it is a widely held belief that a dietary cleanse will allow you to lose weight, this is not necessarily true. Most cleansing diets act to remove your body of unnecessary debris. Many people who follow a cleansing diet lose weight temporarily, though this weight is frequently regained following the completion of a cleansing diet. If you are trying to lose weight, a dietary cleanse may not be right for you. Generally, cleansing diets are ideal for people who wish to cleanse the bowels, blood, liver, or colon.


There are many different cleansing diets available, though the most popular diets include the fruit juice diet, the raw food diet, and the lemonade diet. The fruit juice diet does not include any solid food, since all food on this diet is consumed in juice form. The fruit juice diet can last anywhere from three days to one week. The lemonade diet consists mostly of a unique lemonade blend, and this diet lasts for three days. The raw food diet is different from the other two cleansing diets mentioned, since the raw food does include solid food, though food can only be consumed raw.

After deciding upon the right kind of cleansing diet, you will have to decide how long you want to follow a cleansing diet. Many of these diets last for more than two weeks, while some only last for three days. If you are physically active, following a dietary cleanse for more than three days may prove to be difficult. If you do not expect to participate in a lot of physical activity over the next two weeks, then you may want to consider an extended dietary cleanse.

Take the time to read about every cleansing diet that interests you. Many of these diets have strict and explicit guidelines that may be hard for some people to follow, while other diets are simple and straightforward. While a dietary cleanse may not help you lose weight, many people believe that this type of diet will help to cleanse the body from the inside out.


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Post 3

@fBoyle-- I agree with you. Some cleansing and detox diets are strange. The scary part is that people may do them without asking their doctor. What if the person has a health condition that they don't know about.

I have diabetes so I can't do any dietary cleanse that involves restricting food or water. That would be very dangerous for me as my blood sugar may rise or fall too much. I also know that there are plenty of people out there with undiagnosed type 2 diabetes. I can't even imagine what would happen if such a person did one of these dietary cleanse programs.

Post 2

@ysmina-- A fruit juice cleanse sounds easy enough. But I'm sure that it's necessary to use fresh squeezed juice or else there is no point.

I can do these types of liquid diets as long as there is some source of energy. There are though, some very strange dietary cleanse programs out there. Some involve starving for a very long time and taking herbs and medications to cleanse the system. I've even heard of programs where herbs that induce vomiting or diarrhea are used.

I find these very creepy. I would never do them.

Post 1

I did a fruit juice diet for three days. It was a little tough and I wouldn't have been able to continue, but I did feel much better afterward. I think that a dietary cleanse is a must periodically to get rid of toxins. The foods that we eat these days are not very healthy and stress makes things worse by keeping the body from eliminating toxins effectively. A dietary cleanse makes up for that. It feels like a fresh start and I feel much more energetic.

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