How Do I Choose the Best Dermabrasion Brush?

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If you want to perform at-home dermabrasion, you need a dermabrasion brush that will exfoliate your skin without causing discomfort, irritation or redness. There are several types of brushes available in home dermabrasion systems. Some brushes contain fine bristles that rotate on the skin, while others use coarse pads that vibrate and sand the skin. To choose the best dermabrasion brush, select one based on your skin type and the level of exfoliation you wish to achieve. Also evaluate different dermabrasion brushes according to their price, number of speeds, and whether the brush head can be replaced.

WWhen choosing a dermabrasion facial brush, you should first consider the brush head. The brush head is the portion of the brush that touches and exfoliates the skin. Brush heads vary in coarseness and their range of motion, which ultimately impacts their effectiveness.

One of the most common brushes included in dermabrasion kits are rotating, fine-bristled brushes. These brushes are usually the most effective at removing dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. Rotating, bristled brushes can also be the most irritating. If you are hoping to improve the appearance of wrinkles or reduce skin discoloration, a bristled brush might be the most beneficial.


Other dermabrasion brushes use coarse, flat pads that either rotate or vibrate. Depending on the coarseness of the pad, these brushes can be gentler on the skin. If you have sensitive skin, look for a dermabrasion brush that vibrates, instead of rotates. These will loosen dead skin cells, without overly irritating the skin.

In addition to choosing a suitable brush head, you will also want to choose a dermabrasion brush according to its price and number of speeds. As you are shopping for a dermabrasion brush, you will notice that these tools vary significantly in price. While expensive brushes are not necessarily superior, many of the higher priced brushes offer more speeds. This will give you more control over the amount of skin you remove during each treatment.

It is also important to choose a brush that will allow you to remove or replace the brush head. Detachable brush heads are easier to clean, which will help you wash acne-causing bacteria from the brush after dermabrasion. Some brushes also come with several interchangeable brush heads that can be used to create different effects. For instance, a brush might come with a rough scrubbing brush as well as a polishing pad. If you want a versatile product, look for a brush that allows you to change the brush head according to your needs.


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