How do I Choose the Best Deodorant Spray?

M.C. Huguelet

Most deodorant sprays fulfill the same basic function: they prevent underarm odor by eliminating the bacteria which cause it. Beyond this common function, however, individual products can vary widely. Three common areas in which products vary are scent, formulation, and dispensing mode. To choose the best product for you, it is helpful to first decide which features you want from your spray. After establishing a deodorant spray “wish list,” you can select a product which fulfills each of your needs.

Natural deodorant sprays use natural ingredients to suppress bacteria growth and control body odor.
Natural deodorant sprays use natural ingredients to suppress bacteria growth and control body odor.

You may wish to choose your deodorant spray based on its scent. Sprays are available in an extremely wide variety of scents, many of which are intended to be gender-specific. Women’s sprays often have a floral or fruity scent, for instance, while men’s sprays can often be described as musky or woodsy. Non-scented sprays are also widely available, and make a good choice for those with skin sensitivities. Unfortunately, most retailers discourage the removal of product packaging prior to purchase, and therefore you may only be able to smell a product after buying it.

Natural deoderants may be more expensive than other sprays.
Natural deoderants may be more expensive than other sprays.

If you are concerned about applying artificial chemicals to your skin, you may wish to opt for a natural deodorant spray. This type of spray generally uses all-natural ingredients such as plant oils to discourage bacteria growth and mask body odor. In addition, it often contains skin-nourishing elements like aloe vera, and is frequently produced using cruelty-free methods. Natural deodorant can be found in health food and vitamin stores and online. Two potential drawbacks to this type of product, however, are that it may be more expensive than other sprays, and may not work as effectively.

Dispensing mode may also be an important consideration when choosing a deodorant spray. The two types of spray dispensers available are aerosol cans and hand-pump bottles. Both of these dispensing modes have advantages and disadvantages. Aerosol can dispensers distribute deodorant in an even, fine mist, but the chemicals used in some versions may be damaging to the environment. Conversely, hand-pump bottles are usually environmentally friendly, but they may distribute too much or too little of their contents onto the skin.

After deciding which deodorant spray features are most important, you can choose a product which meets each of those needs. It is important to note, however, that everyone’s skin chemistry is unique, and thus a product might not perform as you expect it to. Therefore, finding the best product for you may require some trial and error.

Deodorant is not designed to prevent perspiration.
Deodorant is not designed to prevent perspiration.

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You really can tell the difference between women's and men's deodorant sprays. I found this out when I ran out of mine and had to use my dad's spray.

I was about to go to a skating party, and while getting ready, I discovered that my aerosal spray can had no more product left in it. I knew that I would work up a sweat skating, so my only option was to use my dad's deodorant.

As soon as I sprayed it, I knew that was a mistake. It smelled just like men's cologne. It was super powerful, too.

Though it worked great at controlling odor, I knew that everyone who skated by me could smell my manly deodorant. I was embarrassed when a couple of kids told me I smelled like a man.

Since then, I have always made sure to keep an extra spray can of my own deodorant in my bathroom cabinet. Sometimes, it's hard to tell when you are about to run out, since you can't see the product in the can, so it is best to be prepared for a deodorant emergency.


I have tried roll-on deodorant in both solid and gel form, but neither compares to aerosol deodorant spray. This spray is better than both at preventing odor, and since I use a kind that is also an antiperspirant, I don't have to worry about wet blotches on my clothing.

The spray dries rather quickly, and it forms a barrier that moisture can't seem to penetrate. It keeps me fresh under my arms all day long, even when I'm doing yard work.

The only down side to it is that when I spray it, the stuff goes everywhere. I breathe it in and cough a little, and I know that some of it is coating my walls and floors.


@OeKc05 – I tried a natural deodorant spray, and though it smelled good when I put it on, it did not have the power to prevent odor throughout the day. I tend to sweat a moderate amount, even when I'm not doing anything but working at my computer, and this spray could not keep up with my level of perspiration and the odor caused by it.

So, I wouldn't recommend trying it on a work day. If you still want to give it a shot, then use it on your day off at home and see what happens.

I was bummed that it didn't work for me, because the fewer chemical products I have to put on my body, the better. However, I really feel that protection from underarm odor is important enough to warrant the use of manmade ingredients.


I would like to try a natural deodorant spray. I have become increasingly concerned for the environment, and I am trying to cut down on my use of products that might do it harm.

However, I am worried that it might not work well enough. I don't do a ton of physical labor, but I do seem to sweat a pretty good amount during the summer months.

Has anyone here tried a natural deodorant spray? Did it work for you, or was it not as effective as the other types of deodorant spray? I would hate to buy some and wear it to work, only to find out in the middle of the day that it does not prevent odor.

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