How do I Choose the Best Deodorant Scent?

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Choosing the best deodorant scent is entirely a matter of personal preference. Most people try to choose deodorant scents that will not interact unpleasantly with other scents, such as shampoo, perfume, or body lotions. The fact is, the deodorant scent is an inactive ingredient that has absolutely nothing to do with the product's ability to stop sweat or body odor, which means you can just choose the scent that you like the best.

To choose the best deodorant scent, consider the other scents you wear and try to choose a scent that complements those. If you normally wear fruit scents, for example, you might be able to find a deodorant scent that matches. Vanilla or baby powder scents are fairly common as well. There are a number of different deodorant scents available, and some are now designed to match body sprays or body washes that are sold in stores. This can be helpful when you are trying to avoid clashing scents.


Unscented or neutrally scented deodorants can be a good choice when trying to choose a deodorant scent as well. "Shower fresh" deodorants, for example, are intended to be a neutrally scented deodorant that can be worn with any other perfumes without clashing. Differently scented deodorants may be available in stick or gel form, as well as crystal deodorant or spray deodorant. They can all be equally effective, and if you find that your deodorant is not working, chances are you need to switch to a different brand, not just a different deodorant scent.

If you are sensitive to fragrances, that is another good reason to choose an unscented deodorant. Other deodorants include ingredients such as a small amount of lotion to help soothe irritated skin or prevent razor burn. In general, you really should not be able to smell your deodorant during the day; if you are, you may be using too much of it. Sometimes, application of antiperspirant or prescription-strength antiperspirants and deodorant at night can help to prevent excessive perspiration during the day.

A deodorant and antiperspirant will help to prevent perspiration and odor by clogging sweat glands; usually, this product will use an ingredient such as aluminum zirconium chlorohydate as an active ingredient. Simple deodorants, on the other hand, will not prevent perspiration, but will prevent body odor by preventing bacteria from forming on the skin, through the use of ingredients such as ammonium alum. As you can see, fragrances and perfumes added to deodorant do not prevent body odor, so it does not matter which type of deodorant scent you choose for effectiveness.


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Post 3

@calabama71: If you just want to completely eliminate the problem of odors, good or bad, they make unscented deodorants. They seem masculine, but they are not. Both females and males wear them quite often. They still work to fight against sweat, just as well as other antiperspirants and deodorants.

It just doesn’t have a scent.

If you don’t think that’s the route you want to take then another solution is selecting a deodorant with a natural based scent. For example, instead of buying the lilac scented deodorant you may want to try the shower scented deodorant. Scents such as shower, powder, and sometimes vanilla smell a lot more natural, blend better with your body, and will fit your needs. They’re not as strong, yet they still smell fresh. If that doesn’t fix your problem then I would stick with the unscented deodorant if you’re self-conscious.

Post 2

@cellmania: I read this post, and I completely understand what you mean when you say scents smell different on certain people. I seem to carry scents strong. Even if I only wear a little, sprays, perfumes, and deodorants all give off a loud smell from my body.

It doesn’t stink, but it makes me feel like people think I’m trying to cover up an odor. Do you have any suggestions?

Post 1

While choosing deodorant, it is not necessarily the scent that is important. In other words, if you’re not buying the right deodorant to suit your body type, then the scent doesn’t matter.

The scent of deodorant doesn’t cover up odor or even reduce odor. The effectiveness of the antiperspirant is what keeps you feeling dry, smelling fresh, and boosts your confidence.

Once you find the deodorant that prevents your amount of sweat, picking a scent comes next.

Different scents sometimes smell different on certain people. For instance, if two people buy the same deodorant, it is likely that the outcome of the smell will be different on each person. The only way to figure out which scent is best for you is to experiment.

If you adore the smell of vanilla bean then you may want to try vanilla bean scented deodorant. Deodorants have many different smells to choose from. Therefore, you have a broad selection to choose from.

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