How do I Choose the Best Dental Implants?

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There are hundreds of different dental implants available. More often than not, your dentist will suggest the best dental implants for your teeth, though knowing about the different types of these aesthetics prior to visiting with your dentist is a wise idea. Essentially, there are two basic types of dental implants: endosteal implants and subperiosteal implants.

The difference between the two types of implants is the placement of the implants. Endosteal implants mimic natural teeth, and these fixtures are inserted into the bone. In most instances, bone implants are secured using one metal pin, though additional pins may be necessary. For most people, these are the best dental implants.

If your mouth does not contain any bone, or if the remaining bone is too small, your dentist may encourage you to get subperiosteal implants. Unlike endostel implants, these fixtures are not drilled into the bone area. Instead, this type of fixture is placed over existing teeth and bone. In most instances, a dentist will not cover the entire tooth area with a subperiosteal implant. Instead, these implants are usually placed in smaller areas that do not contain any teeth.


Even though the two types of implants mentioned above are the most common types, there are additional types available. In the instance that a dental fixture cannot be placed above or inside of your mouth, your dentist may devise a unique implant for you. Depending on the shape, size, and structure of your teeth and bones, your dentist should be able to determine the best dental implants for you.

Keep in mind that there are also many different implant materials to consider. Some people believe that the best dental implants are made from titanium, while other people believe that aluminum fixtures are better. Some manufacturers also make these parts from stainless steel. All three materials are used on a regular basis throughout the globe, though your dentist may prefer one material to another for various reasons.

Prior to having any kind of dental work done, your dentist should be able to go over each kind of dental implant with you. During this initial consultation, it is important to ask any questions that you may have about the various types of fixtures mentioned above. Since each person is different, the best dental implants for you may vary from the implants that someone you know has. For tooth loss, denture replacement, and any other kind of malformation, dental fixtures are a popular choice.


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@talentryto- I have two dental implants, and they are great. Tell your mother that the discomfort involved with getting them is minimal, and easy to control with medications that her dentist will provide. The long-lasting, beautiful results that the implants provide is worth the time and effort to get them!

You should also encourage your mother to discuss all of her dental implant procedure questions with her dentist to make sure that she gets the best type for her needs. This article gives a lot of good information about them, but dentists have even more details and information about the many different kinds of dental implants that are available today.

Post 1

My mother is thinking about having dental implants because she wants to get rid of the bridge work in her mouth. Is there a lot of pain involved with this procedure?

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