How do I Choose the Best Deltoid Workout?

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The deltoids are the primary shoulder muscles of the human body. These muscles are split into three groups, which are typically referred to as the anterior, posterior, and lateral deltoids. When selecting a deltoid workout it is important to focus on each group of the shoulder area. This will ensure better overall strength and definition.

The shoulder muscles are the primary muscles used in the rotator cuff area of the human body. These small muscles should be exercised carefully. Lifting excessive weights in the shoulder area could lead to muscle strains. A bodybuilder can easily rip the deltoid muscle by lifting heavy weights too fast. A deltoid workout should be performed slowly with good lifting form. This will reduce the risk of injury during the workout.

There are many exercises designed specifically for the detoids. Some of the best exercise can be performed with simple dumbbells. Examples of dumbbell exercises include front raises, side raises, overhead press, and the Arnold press. Each of these exercises builds and develops the three main detoid groups.

The best deltoid workout should include compound movements that provide focus on the shoulder area of the body. A compound weightlifting exercise requires multiple joints to perform the lift. Some good compound deltoid exercises include the clean and jerk, dumbbell press, and military press. These exercises focus on the anterior and lateral deltoid muscle groups.


Cable machines are a weightlifting device that connects cables with weights. These weights are lifted by using a pulley designed mechanism. A cable machine can provide a unique deltoid workout because it works muscles at multiple angels. This provides more muscle fatigue, which helps the muscles grow faster.

The posterior deltoids are the back shoulder muscles. These muscles are best exercised in a bent over position. Some examples of posterior exercises include shrugs, lying lateral raises, and rear raises. The posterior deltoids are small muscles that do not require large weights to grow.

Deltoid isolation exercises are designed to focus on the singular shoulder muscles. These exercises include front raises and side raises. Isolation exercises will quickly develop the deltoid muscle groups. Most bodybuilders use dumbbells, cables, or bands when performing isolation exercises. This type of deltoid workout enables the weights to be lifted in a slow manner with proper form.

An incline bench is a weightlifting bench that is bent at an inclined angle. Performing a deltoid exercise in an incline position provides a different angle on the shoulders. An incline lateral raise is an exercise typically performed with dumbbells. This lift focuses on the lateral portion of the deltoids.


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