How do I Choose the Best Decorative Wall Panels?

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Choosing the best decorative wall panels for your home will depend on the specific room in which you want to place them. For example, a waterproof, vinyl wall panel may be ideal for your bathroom, yet look too cheap for your living room. With so many materials and faux styles of decorative wall panels available, such as brick, bamboo, wood and fabric, it's usually quite simple to find a type for each room.

Fabric wall panel designs tend to work especially well in bedrooms as well as dining and living rooms. They look much more formal than many hard-surface types of decorative wall panels. Of course, if your home is furnished in a hard-edged, clean-lined modern style, then you may want these types of decorative panels on the walls, as fabric may clash with the design mood you're trying to create. Make sure to choose a hard-surfaced panel design that looks expensive rather than cheap or the panels may look even more out of place than fabric ones.


Any faux panel, which is one meant to look like a genuine material such as brick or stone, you choose should appear tasteful and realistic. Also, remember to pick decorative wall panels that you will want to look at every day without becoming tired of them. Viewing many different options before narrowing these down to several and picking the final one can be a really good idea. Choosing real brick or bamboo panels is usually a better idea than selecting the faux looks unless budget is your main concern. While waterproof vinyl panels are best for bathrooms or kitchens, and fabric versions suit more formal or less used areas, faux or genuine hard-surface panel designs are likely to work well anywhere in the home.

Another versatile option to consider, if you like the look, is a tin decorative panel. The cool silver appearance of these metal panels can add much interest to ordinary spaces. Tin wall panels are able to suit many different rooms other than bathrooms and kitchens because of potential moisture issues. Check with your home improvement store though since there may be suitable tin wall panels types recommended for use in kitchens and bathrooms. More detailed patterns are best for rustic decors, while smoother designs may work well in a modern interior.


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