How do I Choose the Best Decorative Rubber Stamps?

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The best decorative rubber stamps are ones that can be used over and over again. They might include symbols that can be used frequently or for many different purposes. Alternatively, they can have very specific symbols that can be used on a regular basis for specific purposes. Sometimes people purchase decorative rubber stamps that they will only be able to use for a short period of time, but will use heavily in that time period. A couple making their own wedding invitations may, for example, have a stamp made with their names and wedding date fitted within a heart.

Symbols that can be used in many different applications include stars, hearts, smiley faces, and so on. These sorts of symbols can be used to decorate all sorts of things for many kinds of occasions. Stars, for example, can be used to decorate a card for a recent high school graduate, holiday wrapping paper, or the outside of envelopes containing letters to close friends. Hearts can be used when sending missives to loved ones or decorating packages for Valentine's Day. Smiley faces can be used for almost all celebratory packages and cheerful notes.


Decorative rubber stamps can also have more specific, personal symbols and images. A person who loves golden retrievers, for example, could purchase a decorative rubber stamp to use on her personal correspondence and to personalize certain paper objects such as desk blotters and manila folders. A shoe designer could purchase decorative rubber stamps of iconic shoes such as the stiletto and the clog to add a personal touch to notes, postcards, and wrappings.

The more general the symbols on decorative rubber stamps, the easier they will be to find. Decorative rubber stamps of hearts, stars, and smiley faces are very common and can be purchased for a very reasonable sum. Stamps that are more specific, on the other hand, can be a bit harder to find. A person who loves a very rare breed of dog, for example, might not be able to find a stamp with the silhouette of that breed. She might have to have the stamp custom made.

In addition to decorating all sorts of objects, decorative rubber stamps can also be practical. A person can have a stamp made with his address that also incorporates decorative symbols and images. This kind of stamp can make addressing envelopes both fast and fun.


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