How do I Choose the Best Deck Builder?

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Not everyone is a do-it-your-selfer who wants to build a deck from scratch. Sometimes it is best to choose a good deck builder to come to your home and construct the deck structure quickly, correctly, and at the best price. Choosing the best deck builder does not always mean choosing the builder who will work the cheapest, however, nor does it mean you have to spend significantly more to get good service. Research several builders and try to find customer reviews. Look at the pricing the deck builder quotes, and compare the time frame and construction materials the builder intends to use. The best builder will combine a good price with the right materials.


Cost will always be an issue when building a deck. A deck builder who chooses the best materials will often provide a quote that is higher than other builders, but this is not always necessarily a bad thing. When a deck builder gives you a quote, be sure to ask specific questions about the deck materials being used. Cedar is a good choice of wood because it is resistant to mold and mildew as well as bug infestations, but it will cost more than other materials. Pressure treated lumber will also cost more than untreated lumber, but a good builder will just about always use treated lumber to prevent damage to the deck. Ask what kind of hardware the builder will be using as well; stainless steel and other corrosion-resistant metals should be used for screws and plates.

Ask the potential deck builder if he can recommend a place where you can see some of his work. Look for the quality of construction, the attractiveness of the build, and the functionality of the space. Ask the owners if they are satisfied with the work, and if they are having any problems with the deck or the deck building company after some use. Look for potential problems with the design or the build quality, such as warping or damaged boards, loose panels or railings, and so on.

Choose a deck builder that can accommodate your project. If you plan on building a more complex deck that features many levels or a pool deck, be sure the deck builder has experience in those areas. Internet searches will often reveal reviews about a particular builder, and you can check with business oversight agencies to see if any complaints have been lodged against the builder in the past.


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