How do I Choose the Best Day Trading Training?

Bobby R. Goldsmith

Choosing the best program for day trading training requires the prospective day trader to look for a few key attributes prior to attendance. The most effective day trading training programs will be most often conducted in the seminar format, rather than as an ongoing course. A reputable program will not charge excessive fees for participants. Also, the best training programs are conducted by prominent day trading professionals, who have established an easily verifiable record of success.

A seminar presenter should be careful in constructing an accurate picture of what a day trader does.
A seminar presenter should be careful in constructing an accurate picture of what a day trader does.

Any day trading training program that insists on offering long-term coursework or education should be avoided. Also, one should not be excessively charged in order to attend a day trading training program. Avoid any program that requires large, up-front sums of money in exchange for training, especially if those charges come with the promise of more money being paid to you in the future. Find a day trading program that is conducted in seminar format, consisting of a one or two day gathering and organized by experienced professionals, where instruction can be given through lecture, workshops, or both.

Usually, a well-conducted day trading training program will only charge a basic fee that covers expenses for the convention hall, speaker fees, and other organizational costs. The professionals conducting the seminars often use the program as a forum for selling books, pamphlets, auto-trading software, and other items that might be useful to beginning day traders. This is one reason that reputable training programs charge relatively small fees.

You should research the headlining and associate day traders that will be conducting any seminar or workshop in which you think you may participate. The effective day trading courses depend mostly on the quality of the professional day traders who will be participating in the seminar. A good sign to look for is the brokerage affiliation of the professional day traders slated to appear. If you can find no such affiliation in your research, chances are that the day trading training seminar may not be an effective one.

The best courses will usually offer both lectures and hands-on workshops. A good day trading course will familiarize prospective day traders with creating an effective day trading system, the benefits and drawbacks to automated trading software, how to use margin purchases, and how to trade without resorting to margin buys. If a program does not cover both the positive and negative aspects of day trading, chances are good that the course may just be setting you up for failure.

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