How do I Choose the Best Data Mining Jobs?

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Data mining jobs are found in the information technology sector, typically within the business information sector. The best data mining jobs incorporate a combination of work environment, career advancement opportunities, training programs, and tools. Data mining is an information technology skill used to evaluate the current data stored in a large computer system and use it to provide useful, relevant information to a range of business users. This skill is forecast to experience above average growth over the next five to 10 years.

Data mining jobs can be found in large companies' information technology department, business intelligence software firms or consulting firms. The primary tasks of a data mining job are to design methods to generate useful, relevant information from the vast amount of transactional data collected over time. This data can be sales, purchasing, customer preferences, or research results.

There is no specific degree or diploma program specifically on data mining. Instead, these courses are embedded into computer system analysis, data architect, or business intelligence programs. An increasing number of schools offer a minor in data structure, database management, and business intelligence. These terms all utilize the functionality of data mining.


As information technology positions, data mining jobs typically offer a standard office work environment, with the majority of time spent working with a computer. Some organizations allow workers to use home offices a few days a week. Other work-life balance programs that can enhance the work environment include subsidized health club memberships, volunteering programs, and employee assistance programs.

Career advancement opportunities include project management, data architecture, system development, and lead software developer. All of these positions may require additional training, such as a short course in management, written communications or human resources. Since these positions are all within the information technology sector, prior learning will remain relevant.

In this sector, it is absolutely essential for staff to keep their skills current. As a result, the best mining jobs are for organizations that have a dedicated training budget, with a specific value dedicated to improving and upgrading developer skills. The technology in this area is changing rapidly, and the cost of these courses makes it very difficult to complete without assistance.

Data mining jobs are heavily reliant on computer software technology, infrastructure, and support. The very best data mining jobs are with firms who are willing and able to dedicate resources to the hardware and software required to optimize these tools. Without this commitment, this type of job becomes frustrating, as progress is restricted by the lack of resources. Time and effort is spent fixing issues that have already been resolved in the next software release, which the firm is unable to purchase.


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