How Do I Choose the Best Dark Circles Treatment?

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The best way to choose a dark circles treatment is to determine what is causing the problem in the first place, which may require a trip to your doctor. If your undereye circles are due to broken blood vessels, laser treatments or injections underneath your eyes may help. In many cases, the darkness is due to allergies that cause you to rub your eyes repeatedly, and treating the allergies may help to relieve the problem. Excess pigmentation, a common cause of this condition, may also be the problem, and a skin lightening dark circles treatment may help.

Broken blood vessels are one of the most common causes of this condition. This occurs when the vessels underneath the eye begin to leak blood, an event that is relatively common, resulting in the appearance of dark circles under the eyes. In most cases, this situation is similar to what causes bruising in the rest of your body; however, the skin underneath your eyes is so thin that the discoloration is extremely prominent. If you and your doctor determine that this is the cause of the problem, one of the best dark circles treatment is laser therapy, which can help to heal the broken blood vessels. Having fillers injected in this area can also plump up the skin, increasing its thickness and helping to hide the discoloration temporarily.


The skin underneath your eyes is extremely delicate, and excess rubbing can result in discoloration. If you suffer from allergies, you likely spend a fair amount of time rubbing your eyes due to watering or itching. Treating the allergies with antihistamines and a cortisone cream underneath the eyes to relieve itching can help, thus preventing the need to rub your eyes and acting as a dark circles treatment. If your allergies are caused by a reaction to pollen in the air, washing your face with a cleanser meant for sensitive skin can help to clear any build-up of pollen on your face, preventing symptoms as well.

Oftentimes, dark circles are caused by excess pigmentation underneath the eyes, which can be due to genetics or changes in your hormones. If you and your doctor have ruled out broken blood vessels and allergies, this may be the cause of the issue. In this case, one of the best dark circles treatment is using a skin lightening eye cream faithfully. Eye creams with ingredients such as kojic acid, retinol, or soy are typically ideal, although it may take several months of continued use before you see results.


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