How do I Choose the Best Damaged Hair Shampoo?

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When making the switch from regular daily shampoo to damaged hair shampoo, it’s important to know what to look for. In order to nourish the hair and curb any additional damage, one should learn the differences in hair cleansers. Some damaged hair shampoo is for hair that is genetically and naturally weak and brittle. Others are geared towards chemically damaged locks. Look for the shampoo formulated for your specific type of damaged hair, consider all-natural products, and be sure to include a moisturizing conditioner in your hair care routine .

For hair that is naturally coarse or brittle, there are some key features to look for when buying a damaged hair shampoo. Although hair may be weak, it probably isn’t breaking off at the root, but at mid-shaft. When this happens, men or women may still find clumps of hair in the shower drain or hairbrush after shampooing or brushing. In addition to gentle brushing and combing, a damaged hair shampoo that is marketed for “weak or brittle hair” may be the best bet.


Hair that has consistently been subjected to chemical strain should be cared for with a gentle shampoo, as well as an ultra-nourishing conditioner. Harsh chemicals used when perming, relaxing, bleaching, and coloring can strip the hair of its nutrients. When this happens, the hair becomes very porous and more susceptible to harsh conditions. There is shampoo available for consumers with colored and damaged hair. Some people suggest using a baby shampoo, which is obviously gentle enough for a baby’s skin.

Extremely dry hair is considered damaged because of its frizzy appearance and weak texture. The correct damaged hair shampoo for dry hair would be a moisturizing shampoo, regardless of whether it’s for colored hair. A conditioning shampoo may also be a good idea. As always, all damaged hair shampoo should be followed by an extremely moisturizing conditioner. Using a conditioning mask at least once a week is an even better idea.

Some hair care experts suggest damaged hair shampoos made of all-natural ingredients. Natural or organic shampoos that aren’t specifically marketed for damaged hair could be used, as well. Hair can lose valuable nutrients after chemical processes or damage due to harsh shampoos, pool chlorine, or hard water. When this happens, it’s important to add nutrients back into the hair shafts.

Some natural ingredients that would be good for dry or damaged hair include rosemary, mint, essential oils, olive oil, avocado, and coconut. These ingredients may be found in shampoos or conditioners, as well as hair styling products. There are many organic shampoo recipes available free online.

Dry shampoo is a great option for people with damaged hair. Allowing the scalp to naturally produce oils is important, and using a chemically-derived shampoo daily can be damaging for hair and the scalp. Using a dry shampoo, which essentially soaks up oils, is an option often overlooked. This allows a person to style her hair without over-shampooing and blow drying. Because blow-drying, hot-rolling, and flat-ironing can severely damaged hair, it is best to lay off the heat-styling products as much as possible.


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Post 3

@ocelot60- Your friend should try a shampoo that has shea butter in the ingredient list. This natural ingredient is thick and rich, and known for its moisturizing benefits to the hair and skin.

Post 2

@ocelot60- Finding the best shampoo for damaged hair that has been permed or colored too much is only the first thing your friend should do. She also needs to use a moisturizing conditioner, and stop using heated styling tools until her hair is in better shape. Getting regular haircuts will also help get her hair back to normal.

As far as shampoo goes, a formula that contains natural oils will help smooth and moisturize your friend's hair. Coconut and sunflower seed oil are both very good for moisturizing hair, but other types of oils work well too.

Post 1

Does anyone have some tips for the best type of damaged hair shampoo to use for hair that has been over-processed? My best friend gave herself a home permanent shortly after coloring it, and how her hair is dry and damaged,

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