How Do I Choose the Best Daily Face Peel?

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A daily face peel is a treatment used to remove the dead cells on the top layer of skin. While a professional chemical peel may offer more dramatic results, it can be hard on the skin; an at-home daily treatment may be a gentler way to treat wrinkles, uneven skin tone, acne scars, or poor skin texture. To choose the best daily face peel, you'll want to make sure you're not allergic to any of the ingredients, and consider the level of exfoliation you want and the method by which you'll apply the product. Depending on your skin, a mild alphahydroxy acid face peel can help remove superficial marks, while trichloroacetic acid (TCA) peels may help those with deeper wrinkles or more stubborn imperfections.

Before starting on a skin care regimen that includes a daily face peel, it is important to test the product for allergic reactions. An allergy test can be done by placing a small amount of a face peel into the inside of your arm, and waiting 36 to 48 hours for any adverse reactions to occur. Bumps, bruising, and incessant itching are all signs of an allergic reaction, as well as a sign that the particular product should not be included your skincare regimen. An expert opinion from a dermatologist will help streamline the selection process for the right face peel.


The mildest daily face peel will be formulated with alphahydoxy acids. Glycolic, lactic, and fruit acids are included in this family, all of which provide gentle exfoliation. The exfoliating action tends to be superficial, with light skin markings often improving over time. The look of acne scars and mild sun damage may be improved with a daily face peel formulated with these acids. The regular application of sunscreen will usually be the only additional treatment required, for the peel will remove the very top layer of skin on the face, making it more susceptible to sun damage.

A TCA peel is a medium-depth peel that will remove deeper layers of the skin on the face. Lower concentrations of up to 2% can be used on a nearly daily basis, although higher concentrations should reserved for weekly or monthly use. Since the skin will be aggressively removed, sun exposure should be kept to a minimum until the skin completely heals. If you are suffering from wrinkles on the forehead area, a TCA peel may be more effective at removing them.

You'll also want to consider the application process when selecting a daily face peel. Peels that come in a cream base will usually be gentler, especially when compared to gel formulas. Some daily face peels will come in a pre-moistened pads, allowing for easy application. You should also try to select a daily face peel that comes with a cleanser, a neutralizing agent, and some sort of moisturizing lotion to help stabilize the new skin.


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I enjoy face peels too, but my skin is far too sensitive to use them every day. I like to have a professional peel every few months, then follow up at home with a peel that my doctor prescribed on a weekly basis. I would recommend this regimen over daily peels for anyone with sensitive or dry skin.

Post 1

I love to have face peels, but I have found that using chemicals daily can be too irritating for my skin. After experimenting with natural products, I have found that they are more gentle to use on a daily basis.

Natural products companies make a variety of face peels with ingredients like lemon juice, nut oils, and fruit acids that naturally rejuvenate your skin.

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