How Do I Choose the Best Cycling Booties?

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The best cycling booties are those that effectively keep out moisture or wetness when cycling in inclement weather. Another important consideration is choosing booties that will fit your cycling shoes and are compatible with your pedals. There are many different types of cycling booties to choose from, and research is crucial to finding the right ones for your needs.

There are many different kinds of cycling booties available, in all prices and manufactured from a variety of materials. When choosing booties, consider the environment in which you will be riding. If your feet need primarily to be protected from rain, thicker cycling booties that provide warmth may not be necessary. If you ride in wintery conditions, a thermal bootie that provides extra warmth to protect against numbness and frostbite may be a wise investment.

If you already own bike shoes, choose cycling booties that fit your shoes. Sandal-type cycling shoes that are bulky and have vents do not pair well with booties, as the venting provides little protection from the elements. The bottoms of cycling booties often have cutouts to fit cleats or other texturized soles found on common cycling shoes. The manufacturer of your cycling shoes may have accompanying booties that are guaranteed to work with your shoes. If they do not, carefully research booties before ordering to ensure that they will be compatible with the soles of your cycling shoes.


Riding for short periods in inclement weather may not require the use of full cycling booties. If this is the case for you, consider purchasing toe covers instead of booties. Toe covers slip on only the toe portion of your cycling shoes and often have fleece inside, providing warmth to the most frostbite-prone part of the foot. Much like booties, toe covers have cutouts to fit cleats and other cycling shoe soles, so be careful that you are ordering the right product.

There are many manufacturers of cycling booties. If you are purchasing your first set of booties or are unsure which kind is right for you, visiting a cycling or sporting goods store in person may be the best thing to do. You can try on different booties with your cycling shoes and even take the booties for a test spin if you bring your bike to the store. Look for booties that are waterproof and that are slightly stretchy to ensure a snug, perfect fit on your feet.


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