How Do I Choose the Best Customized Pillow Case?

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When shopping for a customized pillow case, you'll need more than an exact fit. If it is meant for a present, you might want to have a date or name embroidered to commemorate a special occasion, such as a wedding anniversary or birthday. A customized pillow case for a child might include the child's name, or perhaps a theme to match his favorite interest or sport. Unless you're planning on creating your own customized pillow case, it's best to order one from a company that specializes in personalization products.

With so many types of pillow cases to choose from, you'll want to create a pillow case design that suits the occasion and the person for whom it is intended. If you're buying the item for yourself, designing your own pillow case shouldn't be too difficult. If you're a creative person who enjoys sketching, perhaps you'd like to use one of your own drawings to be printed on a customized pillow case. This would add a personal touch to your bedroom, as it would be entirely your own concept and creation.

Many online stores will custom create a pillow case using your image or photo. When you order, be sure to submit an acceptable file size and format. Images that are unclear or too small may not turn out well in the finished product.


Customized pillow cases make nice birthday gifts for young children. Browse through various designs online then add your own personalization. A child's name or short message on the pillow case will make a nice presentation.

It's especially import to look for a pillow case that is made durable for a child. A cotton-polyester blend is better than 100 percent cotton, which may shrink or rip more easily. Always look for a fabric that is machine washable, with colors that aren't likely to fade or bleed. If possible, choose an organic pillow case that is unlikely to irritate delicate skin.

A twin set of customized pillow cases can be a nice idea for couples. These can make romantic gifts for most any occasion, including anniversaries and Valentine's Day. You might want to choose a matching love theme with hearts, or individual designs with names on each pillow case. Be sure the customized pillow case will fit the bed pillow for which it is intended, such as king or queen size.

Whether you're creating a customized pillow case just for fun or for a special occasion, most stores offer suggestions on company websites. Browse through various categories for design ideas and read customer testimonials. Some companies require a minimum order when creating customized pillow cases, so inquire beforehand. If you need the item by a specific date, inquire about expedited shipping charges. Most importantly, choose your customized pillow cases from a reliable company that offers good customer service.


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