How do I Choose the Best Custom Masonry?

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The selection of a masonry style and qualified contractor is a decision that can enhance the look of a property for many years to come. Choosing the best custom masonry begins with the type of product that best suits the individual project needs. Exterior and interior product selection should be based on styles that preserve the aesthetic integrity of the home.

Brick and stone products can sometimes complement each other, but a theme is typically maintained throughout the property. Brick and stonework add enduring beauty to landscapes and structures. Custom concrete work combines unsurpassed strength with modern styles and designs that capture the essence of custom masonry work.

A red brick fireplace might look best in a red brick home. Red brick retaining walls would complement the exterior architecture. Although existing brickwork may not be easy to match with new brick, a reasonably close match should be available from a local brickyard. Bricks are normally locally produced using clay.

The face or design of the brick may no longer be in production, in which case a reasonable substitute may be necessary. Another important consideration for custom masonry brickwork is the mortar joint. The mortar color and striking process should be very close to the original style. The exact same brick with a different color mortar joint will look totally different.


The issues covered on brickwork apply to stonework as well. Building stone is usually mined locally, and the majority of stonework in your area will be similar in nature. Mortar color and the striking process are also important considerations when it comes to stonework. Custom stonework has a timeless aesthetic value.

Custom concrete designs, patterns, and finishes cover a broad scope of applications. Concrete products encompass exterior and interior projects such as driveways, patios, floors, walkways, and even the kitchen sink. Concrete stamping, molding, and finishing techniques transform ordinary concrete into beautiful custom masonry projects. Concrete staining adds another dimension to the enduring properties of a concrete structure.

A variety of precast architectural products simulate natural stone and brick with uncanny accuracy. In many cases, the precast products are more attractive and more durable than the material they are emulating. Products are used for walls, floors, veneer, and decorative projects of every scope and size. Online resources provide information and pictures of the many products available.

Local masonry suppliers and contractors can help you choose from the vast array of products to select from. Certain products may be more appropriate for the project you have in mind. Design services should be available for large projects. Masonry projects and sample workmanship are typically on display at supplier showrooms. Local contractors should provide a selection of completed projects and references.


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