How do I Choose the Best Custom-Made Rubber Stamps?

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Custom-made rubber stamps might be just what you need to set yourself apart from the crowd. Whether you own a business or just want to add punch to a personal project, a custom-made rubber stamp can help you leave your mark. Getting rubber stamps custom-made can be as easy as uploading a file onto a website, choosing a mount preference and selecting a quantity to purchase.

Traditionally, custom rubber stamps have been designed in stores. The Internet provides an alternative for those who would rather create their rubber stamps from the comfort of their own homes. To create custom-made rubber stamps from home, you can either find a stamp website that lets you use digital tools to create a design online or upload an image of your design onto a website that specializes in creating custom stamps. Your design can be a logo, image, text, signature or some combination of those.

The types of stamps you'll choose is largely up to preference and the kind of work you'll be doing with your stamp. For instance, traditionalists and business owners can opt to buy wood-mounted stamps. Crafters might prefer art-mounted stamps. Scrapbookers can find clear acrylic stamps useful. It's up to you to decide how you want to use your stamp and a bit of research that helps determine the best stamp for an intended surface could do you well in finding the perfect stamp for your projects.


Think about buying unmounted custom-made rubber stamps if you need numerous stamps and have concerns about storage space. Unmounted rubber stamps are simply stamps that are not connected to anything, such as a wood mount. Owners of unmounted rubber stamps can use the same mount for several stamps; they need only to switch out stamps from the mount. Unmounted stamps can be purchased by sheet or individually. They also can be easily stored when they are not in use, because they are flat.

If you need to buy several custom-made rubber stamps, consider looking into purchasing rubber stamps through a wholesale seller. Purchasing wholesale will allow you to obtain many rubber stamps at once and at a discounted price. This can be an attractive option for businesses that need to acquire dozens of stamps for their business operations. Additionally, establishing a relationship with a wholesale dealer of rubber stamps can be beneficial if you anticipate having the need to buy a large quantity of stamps.


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I have been really considering starting up my own small business. It has always been my dream to be the owner of a bakery, and I would love to make that dream reality! I have never thought of getting custom rubber stamps before. Would you have to order those online?

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