How do I Choose the Best Custom Lipstick?

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The best custom lipstick should have three important features. Buyers should consider the shade, finish, and effect on one's lips before ordering a custom lipstick. Many lipstick wearers end up ordering custom lipstick if their favorite brand is discontinued or if they are very particular about the color and texture of their lipstick.

The lipstick's shade should perfectly complement one's skin tone. There are about a million different shades of light pink. depending on one's skin tone, one shade can make the entire face look washed out while another can enliven the face. It is this reason that, if one is going to invest in custom lipstick, the shade of the desired color should be perfect. The perfect shade can be made through the use of a custom blending process.

Next, one should consider the lipstick's finish. It is important to decide if the lipstick should have a matte finish, a slightly glossy finish, or an intensely glossy finish. This choice will alter the formulation of the custom lipstick. Most companies that make custom lipstick have examples of the different finishes that they can create from which customers can choose.


The third thing to consider when purchasing custom lipstick is how the lipstick will affect the skin on the lips. For example, if one is prone to dry lips, it is good to choose a lipstick that will keep the lips hydrated. Be sure to ask about the different formulas of lipstick and how these formulas may affect or benefit the lips.

Sometimes people choose to purchase custom lipstick because they found the absolute perfect color only to find that the manufacturer discontinued the shade. In these cases, use the original tube of lipstick as an example when ordering the lipstick. The good thing about this process is that color can be replicated and the lipstick can be created with a number of different finished for different looks. A glossy finish, for example, is great for playing up the lips while a matte finish is good if another part of the face, such as the eyes, are being featured.

Some companies that sell custom lipstick also sell other custom lip products such as lip gloss and lip liner. For those who like to wear lip liner, it is often a good idea to purchase a custom lip liner that is created to match or complement the custom lipstick shade that is being ordered. Custom lip gloss is useful for people who like to wear just a touch of color on their lips but are very particular about the shade and intensity of their lip glosses. As with lipsticks, custom lip glosses come with a number of different finishes.


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