How do I Choose the Best Curtain Hooks?

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When choosing the best curtain hooks, the first priority is to make sure the hooks will hold the curtains in place. If your curtains are made of a thick or heavy fabric, the curtain hooks need to be durable and sturdy enough to hold the curtains on the rod. A flimsy or lightweight hook will not be able to support heavy curtains, though they would easily work for sheers, valances or curtains made of a light or delicate fabric. Although functionality should be your primary consideration, the style, design and color of the hooks also play an important part in the selection process. Curtain hooks come in a wide array of styles, colors, finishes and price ranges, making it easy to find the perfect curtain hooks for any window treatment.

The main function of curtain hooks is to hold curtains on a curtain rod. The way this is achieved depends on the type of curtain hook. Curtain rings encircle the curtain rod, whereas curtain hooks are attached by hooking them over the rod. Curtain clips are similar to curtain rings but with a small clip hanging off the bottom; the ring portion of the clip is slipped over the curtain rod, and the clips are attach to the curtains. "Curtain hook" is a general term commonly used for all types of curtain rings, clips and true hooks.


When choosing a style of curtain hook, choose a style that matches the curtain rod and the room decor, and one that also complements the curtains. There are many different styles, colors and finishes from which to choose. The best curtain hooks for hanging your curtains will depend on the room in which they are being used and the curtains they are holding. For instance, a metal finish would likely complement formal curtains nicely, whereas wooden curtain hooks might look good with casual curtains, such as those in a family room.

Curtain rings can be found in most places where curtains are sold, and they are usually sold in sets of seven. Seven hooks would be enough to hang one curtain that runs across a standard size window. If hanging panels or swags, you would need two sets — one for each panel. Prices will vary depending on the style, finish and design of the hook chosen.

When choosing hooks, make sure they will fit on the curtain rod by measuring the diameter of the rod. The curtain hook needs to be wider than the rod and leaving enough room to attach the curtains. Choose the size that will allow you to hang the curtains loosely, without leaving a large gap between the curtain rod and the top of the curtains.

Curtain hooks are also used to hang shower curtains on a shower rod. They function basically the same way as curtain hooks, and there are as many styles from which to choose. Shower curtain hooks can be fun and whimsical with accents matching your bathroom decor such as seashells, cats or flowers. The material may differ, however, to better withstand the damp conditions of the bathroom.


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