How do I Choose the Best Curly Weave?

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Choosing the best curly weave requires taking your hair color, curl preference, and budget in mind. There is a significant difference in appearance and texture between 100-percent human hair extensions and synthetic ones. In addition, matching the color of the weave to your own hair is a factor in how realistic the weave will appear. Just like some people have curlier hair than others, one curly weave may be much curlier than the next, but what is best is a matter of preference. Lastly, the material and quality of the weave play a large part in price, which is an important factor for those operating on a budget.

First, decide between real and synthetic hair extensions. It is not unusual for synthetic hair to cost a tenth of the price of real hair. Real hair is most often human, but very occasionally comes from a horse. Human hair extensions tend to last longer and look more natural than their synthetic counterparts and are usually the most preferred type of hair extension. In addition, real hair curls naturally when wet and can be styled with heat without smelling like burning plastic.


Once you have decided which material is best and fits your budget, the next step is to find out what color of curly weave to choose. It is best to choose a color that very closely matches your own hair so that it will blend in and look real to the layperson. For people inexperienced with weaves, it is often difficult to correctly deduce this by simply looking at their own hair and packaged hair. A professional hair stylist or employees at a beauty supply store can usually assist you.

Find a reputable brand that sells hair extensions. Very cheap brands tend to create poor quality extensions that quickly frizz and generally do not last as long as mid- to higher-priced brands. In addition, a curly weave tends to require more upkeep than straight weaves, especially if they are allowed to flow freely. Due to this, it is important to find a brand that supplies a reliable curly weave known to last long enough to be worth buying.

Actually choosing a curly weave is often the easiest part. A beauty supply shop that sells hair extensions will usually have a wide range of curly weaves, from loosely curled weaves to tight, kinky ones. After you have chosen and purchased a curly weave, consult a hair stylist on how to best take care of it to better ensure its longevity.


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Post 6

Sorry but I will never buy Curly weave from a beauty supply store, especially tight curl or kinky Curl. Curly hair on its own is very hard to take care of, so the hair must be of great quality to last.

I went natural and wanted curly hair to match my kinky, so I decided to buy ONYC Hair. It was the best investment I've ever made. They are well known for natural looking curls.

Post 5

I love my curl weave called Diva curl. It's loose and bouncy.

Post 4

I used to be so jealous of my friend's curly hair extensions. I knew she had a weave, and I begged my mother to let me get one, but she wouldn't.

I had long hair, but it was as straight as a ruler. My friend's curly weave taunted me every day. She had gotten the kind with soft, medium curls, and it looked so natural.

My mother finally shared a hair secret with me to make me quit begging for a curly weave. She told me that if I braided my hair into three french braids at night before going to bed, when I woke up in the morning and took them down, I would have curls like

my friend had.

So, I tried this, slightly dampening my hair before braiding it. The next morning, I was overjoyed to find that it worked beautifully. I finally had my curls, and I didn't even need someone else's hair to achieve the look!

Post 3

I love tight curls and big hair, so I went with a synthetic curly weave. I don't mind that the hair does not feel as natural as real hair, because it holds its shape better than any real hair I have seen.

I love the volume that my weave gives me. Even though it isn't my hair, when I reach up to touch it, it feels like I have such a thick head of hair.

I love all the curly weave hairstyles I can create with this weave. I can pull the front and sides back into a barrette and still have that intense volume in the pouf around my face. I can also clip the whole thing back and still have a lot of body, and since I hate the flat haired look, this is great for me.

Post 2

@wavy58 – I agree with you. My cousin has a curly wave that is made of horse hair, and it is super coarse. I can't imagine wearing a horse tail on my head!

My curly weave is all natural. To keep it healthy and looking good, I use a shampoo from my salon. The shampoo is of a higher quality, and it does not have harsh detergents in it.

The conditioner is very moisturizing. Since oil from my scalp cannot reach the weave to lubricate it, the conditioner has to do all the work.

I also have a special leave-in conditioner that I spray on my hair every morning to reshape the curls. They flatten out a little at night when I sleep on them, and the conditioner makes them curl right back into position.

Post 1

The tricky thing about buying curly weaves of human hair is that you will never be able to purchase the exact same hair twice. When your old weave wears out and you have to buy a new one, the only thing that you can hope to replicate is the color of the hair.

I have a curly weave of soft hair, and the curls are fairly loose. It would be best described as a wavy weave.

I could have bought a more tightly curled weave, but the hair was synthetic, and this is how it was able to be so kinky. The hair also was coarser, and I didn't like the feel of it.

I love curls, but I prefer a natural texture over a synthetic one. I am perfectly happy with my loosely curled weave of real human hair.

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