How do I Choose the Best Cupcake Holder?

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A cupcake holder can be a great way to protect cupcakes from damage while they are being transported somewhere, or even when just storing them in the freezer for later. To choose the best cupcake holder, consider how you normally store cupcakes, and if they are often transported in large batches or one at a time, such as in a lunch bag. Most cupcake holders are very inexpensive, so you can have more than one kind for different uses. Most are made of hard plastic.

There are three common types of cupcake holders. The first, and probably most popular, is a cupcake holder designed to transport large batches of cupcakes. These are often referred to as cupcake carriers. Typically, they will hold between 12 and 24 cupcakes, with an individual cup for each. They generally come in two pieces, with a lid that snaps off.


With this type of cupcake holder, each cupcake fits securely in the individual cup and underneath the lid without actually touching it. Most of these cupcake holders have bubble-type lids, so they can snap on securely without touching the icing of the cupcakes. This type of cupcake carrier will often have a handle, to make the batch easier to transport. The cupcakes remain safely in the carrier without bumping into each other, and can arrive at the picnic or party looking just as they did when they were first decorated. Many of these cupcake carriers fold flat for storage when not in use.

The second type of holder is one designed to transport a cake in the shape of one large cupcake. These cakes are becoming fairly popular, and because individual cupcakes are slightly top heavy, are easy to tip over and damage in transport. This type of cupcake holder typically wraps around the bottom and sides of the cupcake cake to prevent it from sliding apart.

For those who want to take a cupcake for their dessert for lunch, individual cupcake holders are the way to go. These are small holders designed to completely enclose a single regular size cupcake, and protect it while it is in a lunch bag or purse. They come in many different bright colors, and are easy to wash in the dishwasher.

Finally, another cupcake holder has an entirely different purpose: the display of cupcakes. These are referred to as cupcake stands, and are not used to transport cupcakes. Instead, they allow the cupcakes to be displayed on multiple tiers, similar to a wedding cake. In fact, many people use multiple tiered cupcake stands to display cupcakes at their weddings, in lieu of a traditional wedding cake. To choose the best cupcake holder, simply consider your individual needs, and purchase accordingly, either online or in most kitchen stores.


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