How do I Choose the Best Cubicle Doors?

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A cubicle door is intended to make the best of an office space situation. Cubicles can be very difficult to work in for many people because of the lack of privacy, and some feel that a door may lessen distractions and interruptions. There is no way to turn a cubicle into a private workspace with a door because the walls are too low, but a door may prevent unnecessary interruption as well as some visual disturbances. Choosing the best cubicle doors for an office is a matter of what features are required and what the office supervisors will permit.

There are a limited number of cubicle door producers because putting a door on a cubicle is generally thought of as antithetical to the whole idea behind cubicle work spaces. Cubicles allow supervisors to constantly view employees, and they allow employees to be in constant contact with one another, which are both features intended to create a positive work environment. A door is generally thought to interfere with this strategy of office life, so those who produce cubicle doors generally market them directly to office workers, not their supervisors.


Cubicle doors must be removable and storable, as well as non-permanent. Generally, they will need to be stored in the cubicle when not in use. They must also have a way of blocking the door opening, either by standing on the floor or attaching to the cubicle walls. If the door attaches to the wall, the clasps of the door must be adjustable or fitted to the cubicle with which they will by used.

One design involves a fabric banner that attaches to both walls of the cubicle opening. This banner usually only covers the top part of the cubicle. While most fabric cubicle doors are plain, some have designs or messages asking for privacy during a certain task. This same effect can be provided by pinning fabric to the interior edges of the cubicle walls at the opening.

Another popular design involves a folding wall that can be expanded across the cubicle opening like a door. This is generally more bulky than a fabric door, but it can also be made taller than the fabric door. The fan-like design of the door keeps it standing on the floor without side supports.

The people who manage offices with cubicles often disapprove of employees putting up doors. They may feel that an employee who does so is trying to hide something, is being deliberately antagonistic, or is not working. It is important to find out how management will react to a cubicle door before it is put up, as the door might have negative effects on employment.


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I blogged about the banner style "doors" a couple of weeks ago at the OBEX Panel Extender website. Coupled with higher cubicle panels, they could really help cut down on distractions without completely closing workers off. For employees who want extra cubicle panel height, panel extenders are a simple and cost-effective solution. --Shasta

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There are several cubicle doors available. I have bought two of them -- one from Cube Smart and another online. I am very fond of my Bankers' Hours Black cubicle door from them. But a door by itself is only part of the battle. You will also need to not let yourself be a doormat for interruptions and put other employees on notice when you are busy. And you don't have to pull the fire alarm to accomplish that.

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