How Do I Choose the Best Cube Vase?

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Choosing the best cube vase for your home mainly means considering the size, as it can vary from small for holding one floating flower to large enough for a dozen roses. Clear glass cube vases are the most popular as well as the most versatile. Solid color opaque versions are a little more difficult to find, but are a good choice when you don't want flower foam or stems to show in your floral design. If you're looking for a more unusual cube vase, there are single stem and photo varieties available as well as colored transparent varieties.

Transparent colored cube vases tend to look both dramatic and elegant. The colors range from sophisticated black to bright blue to rose pink. This type of cube vase can be the best choice when you want to make a bold color statement. A big benefit of colored vases is that you don't need a flower arrangement in them to create a decorative accent to a room. Adding flowers will increase the impact, so make sure to choose a colored glass cube that coordinates well with the colors and style of arrangements you'll likely use.


A vivid cobalt blue cube vase with orange tiger lilies can be stunning, while the same container paired with pale pink roses can look competitive rather than complementary. In that case, picking a rose-colored cube can create a cohesive, romantic statement. Since roses are round and cube vases are square, having the container as well as the flowers in the same color can still be interesting. If you like to use greenery in your arrangements, a transparent black cube vase can really make these displays stand out.

Photo cube vases are typically clear glass with slots at the top of each side to add a photograph. This can be an ideal choice for small space decorating as the piece serves the dual purpose of a vase and a picture frame. A photo cube vase can also make a great baby or wedding gift. Single stem kinds of cube vases are usually made of clear glass. They have a top portion that has a center hole to place a single stem of greenery or flowers. Three of these vases, which may be small to medium in size, can look stylish when lined up down the center of a dining or coffee table.

Opaque cube shaped vases are often more difficult to find. They are usually ceramic and in neutral colors such as white, although pastel shades may also be available. The main advantage of choosing an opaque neutral or pastel cube vase is to place an emphasis on the tops of flowers rather than including the stems or florist foam. Clear glass cube vases are more versatile though, as they can be used to display small pebbles or stones, marbles or other decorative fillers, with greenery and/or flowers still being shown at the top of the container. Choosing several different sizes of clear cube shaped vases can widen your floral arrangement options for different rooms in your home.


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