How Do I Choose the Best Crutch Tips?

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Crutches are often used as mobility aids to those who have leg injuries. Made most often of metal or wood, they typically include a protective end piece to keep them from slipping called crutch tips. Choosing the best crutch tips is a matter of finding those that won’t easily slip when you are walking, and fit your crutches properly. The tips that come standard on many crutches are not always the highest quality, and you might need to look around to find a tip that suits your needs, particularly if you use crutches on a consistent basis.

The majority of crutches come with crutch tips made with thin rubber sides and a thick rubber bottom. The tips fit snugly on the bottom of the crutch, referred to as the foot of the crutch. Standard crutch tips tend to wear out quickly, particularly if you are using the crutches a lot. If you are going to be using the crutches for only a short period, using a standard crutch tip should not be a problem, and the tips are easy and inexpensive to replace if they do happen to wear out.


If you are going to use the crutches for more than a few months, you will probably want to find a better quality tip. A higher quality tip will be made of a thicker rubber with a metal round disc on the bottom of the tip. The sides of higher-quality crutch tips tend to be thick as well, often to provide added traction to the crutch tip. If you live in an area with a lot of rain or other bad weather, consider buying a crutch tip that has specialized traction to help grip the ground more firmly.

Using crutches consistently over a long period, whether you are seriously injured or disabled, puts a considerable amount of wear on your crutches, and you might require a higher-quality crutch tip. Specialized crutch tips have all the benefits of high-quality crutch tips but also have bases that pivot on a metal pole inside the tip, which allow for better traction and mobility. The tips typically last longer and often come with separate detachable apparatuses that you can hook to the crutch tips, providing improved traction in bad weather.

When shopping for crutch tips, it’s often best to find a store, such as a medical supply store, that offers tips you can try out, particularly if you are looking for a specialized crutch tip. Testing the tips on your crutches allows you to see if they feel right when walking, which is often just as important as a having a high-quality tip. Some stores may even let try the tips for several days before purchasing them. If you know what you want, are looking for a specific replacement or want a standard crutch tip, many are available online and in drug stores.


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